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    The following death sentences and criminal cases in Russian captivity are preceded by return home declarations, for which the addresses of relatives are missing:
    1. Pepper Anna , b. around 1911/13, married, five children, from Sarkau, Samland County. Seven years of punishment for taking away seven cod
    2. Simon Frieda , b. about 1920/23, single, seamstress from Starkenberg, Samland County
    3rd Sommerfeld , first name unknown (male), geb. about 1906 from Gerdauen (deceased end of December 1946 in Altenai
    4th summer Alois , b. 1895, married, from East Prussia, Uffz. 1. San. comp., 1st Cossack div., deceased
    5. Spresnie Emil , b. about 1911, foreman from Rastenburg (twelve years of forced labor)
    6. Serwatka Albert , b. 1902, farmer from Angerburg (October 1949 brought from the camp Mikhailovka, where unknown
    7. Schneider Horst , b. about 1926, farmer from Ebenrode / Melluhnen (deceased February 1946 in Rapinsk
    8. Woweries Wally , b. 1921, married, from Juditten near Königsberg (1947 on home transport, but since seriously ill with lungs, possibly died on the way), Wil -Zeck, Emilie, gen. Mila, born. around 1920, landlady at the Hotel Ratskeller in Johannisburg (deceased in 1947 from diphtheria
    Communications of the relatives please to the management of the Landsmannschaft East Prussia, Hamburg 24, Wallstraße 29 B

    About Karl Angerhöfer , who fell as a soldier at Schiewenhorst on March 29, 1945, last residence of the parents was Rohrfeld, Neumark in West Prussia, can give information Hauptlehrer Boldt in Soßmar (Lehrte)

    Georg Ankermann , (16) Ruppertshain 1st Ts., Post Königstein, health resort, was together until August 1946 with the following East Prussian comrades in the camp 315/1 Dnjeprodshershinsk-kaja near Dnipropetrovsk:
    1. Horst Heidemann (wife Ellen Heidemann ), Königsberg, Sophienstraße 10, parents Hermann Heidemann , Königsberg, Domnauerstraße 3d
    2 Paul Hollge ( Heinrich Hollge , Lengniethen near Germau, Samland district)
    3. Georg Hähn ( Robert Hähn , Bartenstein, Mockerau 5
    4. Fritz Spießwinkel ( Frieda Bottke , Königsberg-Ponarth, Karschauer-Straße 70b
    5th? Dehn ( Anna Dehn , Langwiese, Kreis Heilsberg)
    The relatives are asked to contact Mr. Ankermann . Please attach postage requests

    Herbert Stolke , (13a) Riederau, Am Ammersee, Seeweg 53, reports that on the home transport in the wagon a comrade named Albert Letmann from the neighborhood of Allenstein died.
    Please send the letters of the relatives to the above address

    Richard Richter, scribe and accounting officer from 1943 to 1945 in the Luftmunitionsanstalt Domnau / Koskeim, East Prussia, can give information about many members of the Muna and the Landesschützenzuges 26/11 and still looks for the addresses of the former staff of the Muna. Please:
    Fritz Kotzan from Schippenbeil, on 6. 2. 1945 in Roditten, circle Heiligenbeil, mortally wounded and buried there
    Albert Pratzard, probably from Grünacker, fell 27. 3. 1945 on the lagoon near Balga, Heiligenbeil district, ibid buried. (I still own a photograph of ” Lottchen ” as a last legacy of five years imprisonment in Russia.) Who knows the lottery from Grünacker?)
    Where are the relatives of:
    Curt Allenberg , waiter, b. 30. 11.?, Residing in Königsberg? Relatives were evacuated in 1944/45 to Reichenbach-Vogtland
    Ernst Pachali , about 46 years old, wore strong lenses. Hometown unknown, was Ostpreuße
    Edwin Duntz , formerly Danzig, Spendhaus, Neugasse 4
    Further news is Richard Richter , Oberlengenhardt, Calw / Württemberg

    Homecoming statements are available for the following compatriots:
    Johann Zimmermann , b. 17. 4. 17 in Kernsdorf, Osterode
    Irene Weinert , b. about 1922. from Skulten with Liebemühl, circle Osterode
    Communications from the relatives request the management of the Landsmannschaft East Prussia, Hamburg 24 tWallstraße 29 B