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    Marianne Demant , Neheim-Hüsten 2, Drostenfeld 12a, is able to confirm the death of the following compatriots:
    1. Waltraud Dyk , about 18-20 years, Ostpr.,?, Died June 1945
    2. Elisabeth Mölle r, about 24 years old, from Labiau area, deceased June 1945
    3. Elfriede Schiemanski , about 18 years, Königsberg, deceased June 1945
    4. Anneliese Fischer , about 17 years, area of ​​Labiau, deceased August 1945
    5. Inge Kaufmann , about 17, Ostpr.,?, Deceased September 1945
    6. Mrs. Blank , Elbing, deceased October 1945
    7. Klara Zielke , about 18 years old, Stolp / Pommern, deceased March 1946
    8. Gerda Panser, b. 18. 2. 27, Stolp, deceased 11. 5. 1946
    9. Johanna Krokowski , about 22 years, Ortelsburg, Hindenburgstr., Deceased July 1946
    10. Herta Westhof , about 19-20 years, West Pr.,?, Deceased August 1946
    Please send letters with return postage to the above address

    Mr. Kempka , (24 b) Ecklak on Wuster (Holstein), is able to provide information about the following comrades who died in Russian captivity:
    1. Urmeneit , area Labiau
    2. Anton , Pr.-Eylau area
    3. Radke , Tharau near Königsberg
    4th Ott , Angerburg
    5th Marter , Heiligenbeil area
    6. Kahnert , Droses of the holy bible
    7. Wonneberg , Elbinger lowlands (teacher)
    Please send letters enclosing the return postage to the above address

    Mr. Franz Kolberg , (23) Windhorst 36, Kr. County Hoya, is looking for the relatives of two comrades buried by him:
    1. Uffz. Bruno Lehmann , b. 27 3 12, from Braunsberg, profession master carpenter
    2nd Uffz. Johann Sahner , b. 21. 12. 1911, occupation miner, hometown unknown
    The tomb is located on the fresh spit at km 22.8, approximately opposite Braunsberg
    Please write to the above address

    The police masters Kurt Lakowitz and Paul Schlicht of the Königsberg Police Department died in the prisoner hospital Georgenburg near Insterburg in May and July 1946.
    Chief Policeman Paul George , Pol. Sergeant of the Res. Göring (first name unknown) and Pol. Sergeant of the Res. Julius Rockel fell in late March 1945 in Königsberg. All three belonged to the 2nd police station.

    For the transmission of a Heimkehrernachricht relatives of the former lieutenant and farmer mountain from Sawadden, district Lyck searched, there is a Heimkehrernachricht about Elfriede Mohnke , geb. about 1921, from old finches, circle Osterode, before

    I was expelled from East Prussia in the fall of 1949 and can provide information about the following persons who died on the Kolchose Bilderweitschen or Sommerkrug:
    First railwayman Krüger , Eydtkuhnen, resident of Franz Oberzichler , killed
    2. Wilhelm Baldschün and wife, innkeeper Stickelnischken, Kreis Stallupönen
    3. Kurt Berger , merchant, Danzig, born. in Eydtkuhnen, on the kolkhoz Bilderweitschen died of hunger
    4. Stone setter Vogt , Eydtkuhnen
    5. Pensioner Kaiser , Eydtkuhnen (invalid with one arm)
    6. Owner’s daughter Martha Klamm , Bartzkehmen, Kreis Stallupönen
    7. Ms Anna Salmigkeit , Eydtkuhnen, Kantstr., Kreis Stalluponen, on the Kolchose Sommerkrug, Kreis Stalluponen, died of hunger
    Information is given by Gustav Grau , (22a) Hüls near Krefeld. Im Wiesengrund 24, formerly Eydtkuhnen, Kreis Stallupönen, Hindenburg-straße 72, Fuhrgeschäft

    Miss Eva-Maria Woelki , Goslar / Harz, Brüggemannstr. 14, is able to provide information about the following compatriots:

    1. Mild Hilde , and man, heigh. Postal Officer a. D., Königsberg-Ratshof, as well as mother of Mrs. Milde , resident of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, visited her daughter during the collapse
    2. Moldehnke , wife and child Dieter, and grandchild Dagmar, Königsberg, Fried-richswalder – avenue
    3. Barnowski Christel, Speech help with Dr. med. Guttmann , Insterburg
    4. Naujokat Juliane , Königsberg – Ratslinden
    5. Kock , wife and three to four children, Königsberg, Steffecksiedlung
    6. Ewerlein , wife and five children, (youngest son Wolfgang ). Koenigsberg-Steffecksiedlung
    7. Bahr , wife and four to five children, Königsberg, Willmannstraße
    8. Quillus , Miss, Stud . Assessor, Königsberg, Ratshof
    9. Hennig and wife, Stud. Council from Insterburg, as well as parents from Mrs. Hennig
    10. Arndt , Miss, clerk at the court of Königsberg
    11. Little Maria , about 74 years old (son Generaloberst in Prague)
    12. Hoffmann Auguste (economist at Auto-Totenhöfer, Königsberg
    13. Gronau Elfriede, (four-year-old daughter came to the orphanage)
    14. Petter, wife (daughter-in-law is Marianne Klein from Insterburg)
    15. Director of the Bartenstein mutual and sales cooperative, and wife, the first name of the husband Georg , the surname accounts for the sole son of Axel as a first lieutenant in Italy
    16. Jungklewitz , railway official from Olsztyn
    17. Grabowski , Stud.-counselor from Königsberg-Juditten, Jud. Church street
    18. Georg Ellinor or Eleonore , Königsberg-Juditten, as well as their aunt, with whom she lived together
    19. Feyerabend , wife, Königsberg Juditten
    20. Kaufmannsehepaar from Königsberg-Juditten, shop: corner Röderstraße-Derfflingerstraße
    21. Anton , wife, Königsberg (only daughter in the Reich)

    Please send letters to the above address enclosing return postage

    In order to obtain official documents, testimonies are needed that give information about the whereabouts of Mrs. Nora Biedet. Koritkowski , born 12. 12., 1892, formerly living in Königsberg, Beeckstraße 32, can testify. Message requests the Landsmannschaft East Prussia, Hamburg 24, Wallstraße 29