City parish Munich

4. June 2017

Died City Parish Munich 11/1819 – 12/1820

In 1806 the Protestant parish city of Munich is founded. As the first minister of the Cabinet minister Ludwig Friedrich Schmidt is mentioned, who held his position there until the 1818th
5. June 2017

Died City Parish Munich 11/1869 – 11/1870

It moved many Protestants from 1801 to Munich. They met as given in the Castle and in the residence. In 1806, the community of over 1200 members, which consisted of all of the population counted. Thus, a solution had to be created and it was built in 1806 the city parish of Munich.
13. April 2018

Died City Parish Munich 11/1847 – 11/1848

As a separate church, the Protestant parish of Munich received the Salvator Church, which was too small for the growing Protestant community. Only on 25 August 1833, the Protestant church was inaugurated in 1877, the name of St. Matthew received.