Wedding list Lichtenberg from 1825

Birth list from Lichtenberg 1825
25. July 2017
Death list of Lichtenberg from 1825
25. July 2017

In Lichtenberg, on the way to Neukretscham, is now almost aersumpfter well called the bride well. But this has the following Bewandtniß. A long, long time, been as yet eingepfarrt Neukretscham to Lichtenberg, a married couple from there once come over to the church and has to be married. It was a great and funny wedding procession. But he came to an end with horror; because on the way home, the car fell, sat in them the bride and groom, and she and into the well, and both are there died in faithful love.
The well was so deep and they could not get it out. Only the bridal wreath floated on top of the waves. And then called the Born to this very day the bride well, and what bride is a virgin spinster who can still clearly see the wreath at the bottom of the water, but she has lost her own wreath, so it’s also the well rim not visible. Therefore, the boys of the village carry their brides to the source in order to test their purity. However, it should not have happened, that the wreath had not seen. At least sie’s have always said. (Excerpt from the book say Lusatia: winning prize essay by Karl Haupt, volume 2 pp 1862 249 # 306).


Wedding list Lichtenberg from 01 09th 1825 – (Source ‘Oberlausitzische Fama’)


No. 41 of 13. 10. 1825

September the 29th, the Inwohner Gottfried babbles, with Christine Sonntag

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