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Church Books Poznan - The areas Prussia have been awarded by the Congress of Vienna in 1815, including the Prussian province of Posen. Ecclesiastically they were eingeliedert the Evangelical Church of the Prussian Union. After World War II, the area fell back to Poland. only a few Church books are available in the area poses. Since 1940, the circles Bromberg and Wirsitz the church area Danzig-West Prussia and thus through the Danziger Kirchenbuchamt been outsourced include. ,


Archiwum Państwowe w Poznaniu, ul. 23 Lutego 41/43, PL-60-967 Poznan

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Opportunity finds - Church records of the manger of Christ Fraustadt
Source - The woman townspeople Ländchen Volume 15, No. 8, 1936
1. August 21, 1650
Christian Hertle, has-been Fenrich untter the Bomarßen Regiment, which alhier 8 Augusti 1650 year slain for Frawstadt before Vorstad of the Musquetiren, außgeleutiet.

2. 02 November 1653
Caspar Wiesener B. u. Tuchm. alhir which after W. E. E. advice prescribed to wartten auff in common city things the envoys, aldar taken his farewell blessed in reuschen (= Russian) Lemberg. , Which geschen Ao. 1653 17 Augusti.

3. July 12, 1654
George Vielstich, B. u. Tuchm. alhier which seligklichen in the Türckische Gräntz to Codack turned flaccid

4. July 24, 1650
Martin Krug, B. u. Leinweber alhir which ended in war services in Podolia sin life, because of the Außleutien
5. 06 November 1680
H. Johan Lischkes, the Tuchm. Son, what his life 7 miles from Crackau on a Dorff seligklich decided in war service, 3 Pulß außzuleutten

6. May 10, 1650
H. Georg Brückner, Oculist (= ophthalmologist), stone u. Break Schneiders, son Hans Heinrich, who wounded the 7th May by an evil people, so he seligklich different for the morning 11am.

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Bromberg, Cielle, Fordon, Groß Neudorf, Crown on the Brahe, Krone at the Brahe city and rural community, Schulitz and Wilhelmsor
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