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Old family photos can make curious and wake up the attention of the Genealogy. By the explaining ancestor research is this one chronologically backward walking generation-wise investigation of your forefathers.

Only in last decades the interest freshens in the Genealogy again. Of course also point the used springs, like old church registers and registry office registers many gaps on which releases a sort of detective's work.

In search of Your forefathers you will also bump into many different Old-German manuscripts and deal with mysterious Kürzeln.

Your heart hits for the Genealogy and particularly you take pleasure in it if you hold many and valuable data in your hands?

Other valuable counsellors in the Genealogy

Military documents

Casualty lists, military acts and death lists of fallen soldiers

School documents

Schoolboy's lists, annual reports and register of universities

Valuable findings

Lucky finds, grave lists, police reports, emigrant's lists, tax lists and a lot of other

Death Pictures

Historic skull list of dead and fallen soldiers

Family data banks

A compilation of data of researchers, forefather lists and family trees

Measuring table sheets

Big collections of different maps

The newest contributions

Are you looking for your ancestors?

Then you've come to the right place! On our genealogy page you will find historical data in individual books and valuable databases as well as a lot of information about genealogy. We are happy about your visit!

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