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We are the ancestors of the future!

Old family photos can make you curious and attract the attention of Genealogy. Through the performing ancestral research, this is a generational research of your ancestors that is backward in time.

It was only in the last decades that the interest in Genealogy revived. Of course, the used sources, such as old church records and registry offices, have many gaps that trigger a kind of detective work.

In search of your ancestors, you will also encounter many different Old German manuscripts and deal with mysterious abbreviations.

Your heart beats for genealogy, and you are especially pleased when you have many and valuable data in your hands?

More valuable advice in genealogy


Military documents

Lost lists, military records, and death lists of fallen soldiers

School records

Student directories, annual reports and matrices from universities


Valuable findings

Random records, grave lists, police records, emigration lists, tax lists, and much more

Death pictures

Historic burial notes of deceased and fallen soldiers


Family databases

A collection of researchers, ancestral lists and pedigree trees

Measuring table sheets

Large collections of different maps

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Are you looking for your ancestors?

Then you are exactly right here! On our ancestor's page, you will find historical data in individual books and valuable databases as well as a lot of information about Genealogy. We look forward to your visit!

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