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The historic address is an important source for genealogists. At that time it was a privilege to be in the address book or yellow pages. So of Germany (1701) from Leipzig were listed only important and / or noble people in the first address.

After the French Revolution, persons from the common people have become increasingly incorporated into the address books. Depending timely address books are, the more information can get such the genealogist. As first name, last name, or more precisely of residence and profession.

of course, the address book awakens our spirit of research, because it is not just about pure lists of addresses, but also the information and advertising served.

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Citizens book

A passenger list of people whom a civil rights were granted. They originated in the Middle Ages with the development of citizenship in cities. The contents of these books show the name and origin of Neubürgers who gained citizenship. this information will be completed with the date of issue of the Civil letter or the date when the oath of citizenship is filed. Another record was the citizen's income paid in the civil roles.

Who was allowed to become citizens?

These conditions were very different. Property, a considerable income, master of a craft or a good reputation, the conditions for inclusion in the guarantee.

What are the benefits and obligations had the recording as a citizen?

A citizen was allowed to practice a trade and got the registration of a right to vote. to defend his city and diligently pay taxes were the duties of every citizen.

Copy oath of citizenship by Carl Ludwig Wilhelm Willich Hamburg, 12. 10. 1849

I vow and swear to God Almighty that I be a honorable council and the city of Hamburg and faithfully hold, wants to look their best and avert damage as much as I can. I will not revolt against this council and this city do not in word or deed, and if I find out something that would contradict this advice and this city. I will show that faithfully. I want all taxes and duties, as now exist and will in future between a respectable council and the Erbgesessenen Citizenship popular and grants paid fairly and inevitably and pay, and there when a righteous man never seek my advantage to the detriment of the city.
So help me God!

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