In the district of Heiligenbeil / East Prussia

It's up to you. On your doing and striving. Whether we died or live forever.

The circle Heiligenbeil with its 15 parishes located in the western part of East Prussia on Frieschen Lagoon. He forms a triangle between the fresh Haff, the Braunsberg's circles, and the Prussian Eylauschen circles and also consists of only one part of the former Brandenburg's circle. Further, the circuit Heiligenbeil of circles Kreutz Burg, Rastenburg, Rossel and Heilenberg is limited.

The parishes Heiligenbeil are: Brandenburg, Pörschken, Balga, Bladiau, Eichholz, Eisenberg, Grunau and branch Passarge Heiligenbeil, Hermsdorf and branch Pellen, chief prince, wholesale Lindenau, German-Thierau, Tiefensee, Waltersdorf and Zinten.

This circle has fertile and wood landscapes and are in the northern angle, the so-called seamounts. It contains 15 parishes, two cities (Heiligenbeil, Zinten), 1 spots, 291 villages, colonies, outworks, where there are houses on the whole the 3200th In the circle Heiligenbeil lies the domains Rentamt Brandenburg. The District Office is in Heiligenbeil.


Parishes of the Heiligenbeil district

These books, previously published by Karin Rauschning, are unique and a precious treasure for anyone seeking their roots in this part of East Prussia.

In the books are u.a. included:

Name lists, location descriptions, stories, adventure escape reports as well as family data and ancestor lists, some of them dating back to 1680 and beyond.

The books in the fixed DIN A4 cover with about 300 pages are printed on both sides.

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Grunau - Alt Passarge

Deutsch Thierau


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Hermsdorf-Pellen (S-Z)


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Hermsdorf-Pellen (A-H)



City and Country

Hermsdorf-Pellen (I-R)