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S ince the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, Hinterpommern came to Brandenburg and Vorpommern became Swedish Pomerania. After the Nordic wars 1700-1721 Vorpommern fell south of the river Peene, with the islands Usedom and Wollin, to the Kingdom of Prussia. The districts of Dramburg, Schivelbein and the northern parts of the Arnswalde district came to Pomerania in 1815. Larger parts of the districts of the dissolved province Grenzmark-Posen-Westpreussen, as well as the districts Arnswalde and Friedeberg came to Pomerania on 01.10.1938.
After the Second World War in 1945, Pomerania was conquered by the Red Army and divided by the establishment of the German-Polish border along the Oder-Neisse line.

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