Residents Bavaria

1. June 2017

Surname Adler – Marktredwitz

Adler is a German surname. He served as a symbol of the Evangelist John, and was often used as a house sign.
2. June 2017

Surname Adler – Brand (Marktredwitz)

After the character or appearance of the first name carrier occasionally the family name was derived.
2. June 2017

Surname Adler – Wölsauerhammer

With the state in 2002, the name Eagle is located on the 314th place in the list of the most common surnames in Germany.
3. June 2017

Surname Anzer, Antzer – Brand (Marktredwitz)

In 1818 took place in all the royal. Bavarian towns and markets, the magistrate organization and it also resulted in Redwitz, as it was in other places also,
3. June 2017

Surname Anzer, Antzer – Lorenzreuth

In 1639 the goods takes place in the chronicle mention in Lorenzreuth whose owners had four each year submit to the Marktredwitz to tithe:
3. June 2017

Family name Arzberger – Marktredwitz

On July 31, 1696, the whole corridor of Redwitz was affected by a heavy thunderstorm with a stroke of half a pound.
4. June 2017

Familienname Arzberger – Oberredwitz

1810 kam Oberredwitz mit Wunsiedel an die Krone Bayern.
10. July 2017

Family name Arzberger – Dörflas

'With pain,' a chronicle tells the community description