Surname Anzer, Antzer – Lorenzreuth

Surname Anzer, Antzer – Brand (Marktredwitz)
3. June 2017
Family name Arzberger – Marktredwitz
3. June 2017

In 1605, the Senate of Redwitz established the right of citizenship on page 35, and in 1608 a general exhortation for the modification of the army took place. Redwitz had 10 men, namely, “three double helmsmen, three musketeers and four simple shooters”.
In the year 1639 the chronicle mentions the property of Lorenzreuth, whose four owners had to surrender every year to the Marktredwitz in tithes: 11 Kahr half grain, half oats, two cheeses, two shock eggs, two garden hens, 30 kr. Michaelis interest. After the year 1848 detachment took place. The former owners were von Rotschiitz, von Grafenreuth, Peter von Redwitz (Excerpt from the chronicle of Markt-Redwitz, Dörflas and Oberredwitz by Dr. Hermann Braun Heft 49)

Surname Anzer, Antzer in Lorenzreuth:

Lucas Antzer
In Oberlorenzreuth
+ Before 1611
Daughter Veronika Antzer oo with Hans Fliegel, Shepherd in Sichersreuth

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