Surname Anzer, Antzer – Brand (Marktredwitz)

Surname Adler – Wölsauerhammer
2. June 2017
Surname Anzer, Antzer – Lorenzreuth
3. June 2017
Surname Adler – Wölsauerhammer
2. June 2017
Surname Anzer, Antzer – Lorenzreuth
3. June 2017

In 1818, the magistrate’s organization took place in all Bavarian cities and markets, and in Redwitz, as elsewhere, difficulties also arose as a result of “the rightful”. On September 21, Carner, on the other hand, solemnly promised that all the old righteous men should be conscripted, but this promise was not fulfilled for a long time. The landlord demanded the execution of all the files and the basic books, but his request was not fulfilled. On January 5, 1819, with his courtteacher Schroeck and a wagon, he came to pick up all the files and books. Everything was at 3/4 o’clock, and our old constitution was laid down without the mayor being a councilor , Even less so a councilor of the council; But the result will teach us what we lose, “complains the still inconsiderable market judge. (Excerpt from the Chronicle of Markt-Redwitz, Dörflas and Oberredwitz by Dr. Hermann Braun Heft 49)

The family members Anzer, Antzer in Brand:

Nikol Antzer

Paul the Antzer

Johann Andreas Wendelin Anzer , catholic magistrate and police officer
* In Brandals
Son of Josef Anzer, tenant in Brand and his wife Margarete b. Bittner of Waldershof
1. oo with Katharina Franziska Christiane b. Grains from Thiersheim
2. oo 20.09.1825 with Franziska Wohlleben, widow of Johann Heinrich Wohlleben , magistrate in Redwitz
Huseband +?
2. Wife + 03.01. 1864 with 75 years

Johann Jakob Gusrav Anzer , factory weaver, then master craftsman
* 24.08.1871 in Dörflas
Son of Johann Lorenz Anzer in Dörflas,
Oo 21.02.1898 with Johanna Christiana Friederike gave Liedl * 29.01.1873 in Redwitz
Daughter of the Ludwigslied, owner of the car in Redwitz
Ehernann + 03.11.1957 with 86 years
Wife + 10.08.1961 with 88 years
Käthe Else Anzer * 10.09.1912 in Coburg, oo 17.08.1935 with Hans Michael Thumann , department head in Nuremberg.
Note: Daughter Käthe Else was a child of Adolf Frank , tin caster master in Coburg, was adopted by Johann Jakob Gustav Anzer

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