Surname Adler – Wölsauerhammer

Surname Adler – Brand (Marktredwitz)
2. June 2017
Surname Anzer, Antzer – Brand (Marktredwitz)
3. June 2017

With a status from 2002, the name Adler is 314th in the list of the most frequent family names in Germany. The leading figure with the most frequent occurrences is in the city of Berlin. The district of Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge has up to 90 occurrences of the surname Adler.

Surname Adler in Wölsauerhammer

Johann Christian Adler , Pourer
Oo with Dorothea b. Köhler from Mönchgarten near Coburg
Maria Adler * 22.05.1776
Johann Matthäus Adler + 02.12.1777

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