Local heritage books

For the local family book, different sources, such as church records of the parish communities, tax lists, stand books etc. are evaluated and compiled.

With the genealogical link in these books not only father, mother and their children are received, but also their respective parents, marriages and baptisms of the children.

By recording data that go beyond the local boundaries, the entire CV is illuminated by one person. This results in cross-connections to other families. Detailed information on the profession and various official exertions are reflected in the local family books. Other personal characteristics, such as confession or religon, as well as the listing of godparents are mentioned

On our ancestor's page, you will find digital books, sorted by research areas.

Thus, from the research of family history (genealogy) the 'Genealogical Research' and from the family register for a village community the 'village Sippenbuch / Family Book'.

In short, this book is also called 'family book', and it is not to be confused with the family book under German civil status law.

By the time the art, most local heritage books can already be drawn up by computer today. Thus own family books can be created and distributed with appropriate software.

We would be very happy if we can publish them on our site for genealogists.


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We will map the already published online family bibliography to the corresponding research areas so that you have a complete overview. We also deal with the printed books.

We are very grateful for any hint of completion.