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      Hello Oliver,

      also a thank you for the nice welcome. The data compilation by Karin Rauschning is certainly a very valuable collection. Did you only record the data in your database or did you include the sources, eg Kirchbuch Gemeinde X Nr. 32/1871 etc.? Unfortunately, many diligent data collectors forget to specify the sources. Then the information is actually just a hint. This is particularly dramatic for older primary sources lost by the war, as the data is no longer verifiable with the primary source. To my knowledge, the church books of Grunau / Altpassarge for 1800-1900 are no longer available or I see that wrong?

      Best regards



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        Since I’m still looking for something but so far could find nothing to my data there 😉

        But here you can see what’s there:

        Then in the left box “Evangelisches Zentralarchiv Berlin”, in the second then “Kreis Braunsberg”, in the third “Alt Passarge” and you see what there is. Green means it’s already online, knows it’s coming sometime.

        Have you already logged in to the database? There are abbreviations noted, unfortunately, there is no “guide” – she has at that time the church books, population lists, etc. looked through.



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          In Grunau-Alt Passarge you will find the following entry:

          Event: birth
          Location: Alt Passarge
          First name wife: Irmgard
          Maiden name wife: Schött
          First name child: –
          Last name man: Lilienthal
          First name man: –
          Text: Irmgard Lilienthal b. Schött (= Irmgard Berta * 24.2.1933 + 27.4.1993) from Alt Passarge dC 07 S1

          At the end you see the hint where, from Alt Passarge dC 07 S1, well what is dC (Katrin do you know it?) And there on page 1 😉


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            Hello dear Holger and Oliver,

            yes, the Karin and her abbreviations, a book with seven seals. I have already found some out, but I do not know what else to do with others.

            So Holger in the record of your family, which I have posted above, the source is always the last, yes, but what OSchem, unfortunately I do not know yet.

            Yes and Oliver I can not help you unfortunately, the abbreviation I know not yet, but I still have hope to find some, as Karin always explains some shortcuts somewhere. As soon as I find them, I will of course give the resolution here.

            As Oliver has already written, Karin was a diligent researcher in the parish Heiligenbeil. She drove every 14 days to Hannover where she read and recorded the church books. In their databases, then, the film numbers are always deposited. She had the file Schulz or has seen it and also the file Quassowski . was a source of her. She also had many index cards with data and information from her father, who had started this research. Unfortunately, I can not put the databases on the net, because she has worked with many shortcuts and no one would find information. So we have to reprocess each record.

            I will list on the main page parishes the abbreviations of Karin’s sources.

            Greetings Kerstin

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