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To "valuable finds" belongs the random finds: eg, locals in church books and other archival materials of a place.

Complementary information can also be found in immigration lists, tax lists, police reports, personal registers of city combs, account books, guild books,

A further aid to our work is the tombs or tombstones. They show the life data of a person.

On our ancestor's page, you will find digital books, sorted by research areas.

Auswanderer-1024x683The emigrants in the 19th and 20th century

In the 19th century, a decision for life meant that many emigrants traveled by ship, mostly in the Americas. Religious, political and economic reasons drove the first German emigrants abroad. Especially in 1848 after the failed revolution and the hope of a democratic Germany, the economic situation was the main reason for the decision. Famine, inheritance law and other situations caused almost impossible survival in Germany. All industrial branches of industry were sacrificed, which resulted in a tidal wave of emigrants. Of course, the dream was to find happiness in the foreign country no sugar. The sail ships with which the people began their emigration at the beginning of the nineteenth century were not equipped for this purpose at all. They were freight ships that brought goods from America to Europe in their intermediate shores. Now these decks became catastrophic camps for emigrants. For several weeks they were densely packed together without daylight. One can imagine that the hygienic conditions on the ships caused serious diseases, such as typhus. The living ° freight ° had to bring their own food and it was not enough for the longer journey. Many emigrants starved to death and around 50 per cent survived this terrible trip abroad.

From 1880, the journey became more elegant, as steamboats were used. In the lowest classes, that so-called Zwischendeck made the crossing now more comfortable with regular meals, own mattresses and entertainment program in the evening.
The shipping companies were obliged by emigration laws to provide the passengers with hygiene, to provide each one a berth and to feed everyone. As a result of the business with the emigrants, the competition between the steamboat owners and the journeys became more favorable.

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