Birth list from Muskau 1825
26. November 2017
Wedding list from Muskau 1825 and 1826
27. November 2017

Birth list from Muskau 1826 – (source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)


No. 3 from 19.01.1826

January 9, Mrs. Obersteiger Schwabe a son
January 10, wife joiner Reinecke a daughter
January 14, Ms. shoemaker Mahling a daughter


No. 4 from 26.01.1826

January 16, Mrs. Justice Secretair Jördens a son


No. 5 from 01. 02.1826

January 24, the wife of the hammerman Elias to Keula a son
The 27th of January, the wife of the potter Krüger geb. Schröckel a daughter


No. 8 from 23. 02.1826

The 7th of February, the spouse of Mr. Cantor Berth a daughter
The 18th of February, the wife of Frischmeister Müller in Keula a son


No. 12 from 23. 03.1826

March 7, the Hammerschmidt Kehrer to Keula a daughter
March 8, the master tailor Richter a son
March 9, the master shoemaker Schubert a son
March 10, the gentleman Gensd’arm Thalemann a daughter


No. 13 from 30. 03.1826

The 22nd of March, the citizen and rope master Kunstmann a daughter, Auguste Amalie


No. 16 from 20. 04.1826

March 27, Mrs. Fleischhauer Master Queisert a son
The 2nd of April, Frua Branntweinbrenner Wißmann a daughter


No. 19 from 11.05.1826

April 19, the wife of the keeper gardener to Keula a son
April 20, the wife of shoe master Heinich a pair of twin daughters
April 21, the wife of millmaster Schulze a daughter
April 22, the wife of tailor Günther a dead daughter
April 23, the wife of the linen weaver Rudolph a daughter


No. 22 from 01.06.1826

May 10, the citizen and master baker Möhnig a daughter


No. 24 from 15.06.1826

June 3, the citizen and butcher master Ender a son


No. 28 dated 13.07.1826

June 14, the master potter Tretwa a son
June 14, the potter Ehrenberg a son
June 18th, the master brewer Rudolph a daughter
June 18th, the master potter Clausewitz a daughter
June 26, the master tailor toe a son
June 30th, the butcher master D? a daughter

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