Birth list of Ober-Pfaffendorf from 1825

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16. October 2017
Birth list from Nikolsdorf from 1825
20. October 2017

Budissin. A christl. still quite muntres couple begieng alhier, on 25 February. a. c. in quiet joy her matrimony anniversary. Mr. Joh. Gottlob Ficker, citizens and top elder of cycling and Stellmacher (born 1703 to Sept. 3) and Ms. Anna Dorothea Fickerin, born Prezelin from Budissin (born 1706 to August 15) begiengen on that day, on which it has been consecrated to the marriage covenant 50 years ago, the memory of this EheI. Consecration. Zwey sons and one daughter have erzielet in their marriage. A son of this is already died as a citizen and master of cycling and Stellmacher, 1771 the 5th of February.. The other, Hr. Christian Gotthelf Ficker, is a country gentleman, on top Pfaffendorf bey land crown, which is Nov. 19, 1771 Ms. Susannen Erdmuth spoil. Gehlerin born, Meißnerin, woman (from Upper Pfaffendorf which is a daughter of weyl Hern Abraham Wilhelm Meißners, Upper Pfarrs in Schoenberg and Mrs. John Susanna Meißnerin, born Arndtin from the Pfarrhause Linda -…. The daughter Sophie Margarethe, is since August 8 . 1753 to Mr. Hermann Traugott Orb, eminent citizens and beer owner, as well as gold, silver and silk button-Creppin and line workers in Budissin verheurathet. from beyden this has cheers couple erlebet grandson of former 2 and the leztern 16th – Among other congratulations Hr Gotthelf Sam Ficker, from Budissin, currently in Wittenberg Buchdruckerey Ergebner, as a close relative (excerpt from the Lausitzisches magazine, or collection of various essays and news 1777 Volume 10 page 70…… nr. III)


Birth list of top-Pfaffendorf from 01 09th 1825 – (Source ‘Oberlausitzische Fama’)


No. 40 of 06 10 1825

26 September, Anne Rosine Heide a dead daughter


List continues

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