Employment Institute Bamberg 1850

Teaching in Bamberg 1850
21. October 2016
Arbeitsschule Bamberg 1850
Arbeitsschule in Bamberg 1850
21. October 2016

Directory of the poor workers of the employment institute – Bamberg 1850

They got a daily free portion of bread with bread

Surname first given name was standing
Baierlein Catherine single Taglöhnerstochter
Brehm Helena single Wallpapering daughter
Dechant Barbara single maidservant
Diller Margaretha single Büttner daughter
Eberlein Barbara former service maid
Ernemann Margaretha single seamstress
Gerst Catherine single Nagelschmied daughter
Günher Catherine single Taglöhnerin
Häublein Eva single Kutscher daughter
Heigert Cäzilia single Bricklayers daughter
hero Margaretha single hacker daughter
Hippacher Eva single shoemaker daughter
Hofmann Kunigunda single
bumblebee Rosina single
Issland Christina Cabinetmaker widow
Kostner Barbara former service maid
Long Anna Maria single Mauth usher daughter
Leißel Theresia single Hoftrompeterstochter
Loehr Anna Maria single seamstress
Löscheid Barbara single Tünchermeistertochter
March Margaretha former service maid
Mühlberger Kunigunda single Border customs supervisor daughter
Mühlberger Babette single
nine Margaretha single
Ott Barbara single
Rebhan Margaretha Schreiber widow
Rögner Magdalena single Taglöhnerin
Rohrbach Sophia former service maid
Rotteck elisabetha single Tanzmeister daughter
Saar Maria single Taglöhnerstochter
Schellhorn elisabetha single
cutter Margaretha single
Schonath Ann single Metzger daughter
Schorr Margaretha single Roofer journeyman daughter
Schramm Ann Rotgerbergesellentochter
Seidlein Ann single
striker Ann single gardener’s daughter
Theiler Margaretha former service maid
Ulsheimer Ursula single hackers daughter
Zißmann Kunigunda former cook
Zoberlein Rosina former service maid

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