Wedding list from Seidenberg of 09.1825

Death list Lauban 1826
24. November 2017
Death list Seidenberg of 09.1825
26. November 2017
Death list Lauban 1826
24. November 2017
Death list Seidenberg of 09.1825
26. November 2017

Wedding list from Seidenberg of 09. 1825 – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)

No. 38 from 22.09.1825

The 2nd of September, the gardener Trenkler from Burkersdorf with the Virgin Joh. Christ. Hänsch from Zwecka

No. 41 of 20.10.1825

The 3rd of October, Mr. Johann Friedrich Gottlob Müller , Civil- and Criminal-Actuarius, as well as Depoßtal-Rendamt at the local Standesherrl. City Court, with Demoiselle Auguste Amalie Wilhelmine Naumann allhier

No. 44 from 03.11.1825

October 23, Johann Gottfried Schwerdtner , widower and future cottager in Upper Schwerta with the Virgin Joh. Christiane Rosine Ullmann from Ostrichen

No. 45 of 10.11.1825

The landlord owner Joh. Gottlieb Schirn in Briedkanz with the Virgin Joh. Christ. Shepherd from Göh.

No. 46 from 17.11.1825

November 13, Master Christ. Gottfried Rüprecht , citizen and shoemaker all born here with Marie Rosine. Scholz from Altseidenberg

Nr. 49 from 08.12.1825

November 27, Johann Gottfried Stenzel , future cottager to Ostriches with Marie Elisabeth Fiedler from Wendischossig

No. 4 from 26.01.1826

January 10, the chimney sweep master Johann Carl Gottlieb Bärndt , residents in Bertelsdorf at Laubau with maiden Charlotte Amalie Bock from Lauban

No. 7 of 16. 02.1826

January 24, master Carl Friedrich Bernhardt , citizen and horn turner in Bernstadt with maiden Amalie Rosine Mätzig from here
January 29, master Joh. George Malt , citizen and breeder all here with Mrs. Anna Rosine verw. Sander from Alt-Seidenberg, Johann Carl August Letsch , bricklayer in Bellmannsdorf with maid Mar. Dorothee Usemann from Nieder-Rudelsdorf
February 6, Anton Franz, shoemaker in Lomnitz with the Virgin Joh. Christiane gardener from here

No. 19 from 11.05.1826

The 9th of April, Joh. Gottfried Traugott Krusche , widower and outdoor enthusiast in Altseidenberg with Mrs. Anna Rosine Fronter
April 9, Johann George Eckhardt , bricklayer and Freihäusler in Altseidenberg with Anne Rosine Schwarzbach
16th April, Master Carl Samuel Haase , widower, citizen and potter all here with Joh. Rosine Theurich
The 16th of April, Johann Christoph Danzig, widower and free-owner in Küpper with Joh. Rosine Ullrich from Altseidenberg
April 17, Joh. Christoph Lange , resident and Freihäusler to Altseidenberg with the Virgin Joh. Rosine Sander there

No. 22 from 01.06.1826

May 28, the widower, citizen and court servant Carl Gottlob Heim with Johanne Rosine Petzold from Altseidenberg



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