Birth list from Schönberg 1825 and 1826

Death list Muskau 1825 and 1826
1. December 2017
Todesliste aus Schönberg
Death list Schönberg 1825 and 1826
3. December 2017
Death list Muskau 1825 and 1826
1. December 2017
Todesliste aus Schönberg
Death list Schönberg 1825 and 1826
3. December 2017
Geburtsliste aus Schönberg

Birth list from Schoenberg 1825/1826 – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)


No. 38 from 22.09.1825

The 3rd of September, the wife of the Tuchmachergesellens Dreßler , a daughter Johanne Christiane Gottliebe


No. 40 of 06.10.1825

September 15, wife locksmith Lieberandt a daughter, Christiane Friedericke
September 21, Mrs. Leinwebermeister Hildebrandt a daughter, Johanne Friedericke Rahel


No. 41 of 20.10.1825

17 September, the master rope maker Vogt junior, a son


No. 43 of 27.10.1825

October 3, Mrs. Züchnermeister Schulze a son, August Fürchtegott
The 7th of October, Mrs. Züchnermeister Meusel a son, who died before the baptism
October 7, the wife of the journeyman Meusel a son, Friedrich Wilhelm


No. 46 from 17.11.1825

October 28, Fau master breeder Volkert a daughter, Joh. Rosine Louise


No. 48 from 01.12.1825

The 13th of November, Mrs. Tuchmachermeister Siegert a son, Joh. Friedrich Gottlieb


No. 49 of 08.12.1825

November 20, the royal. Prussian. Sergeant Mr. Schmidt a daughter, Joh. Eleonore


No. 52 of 29.12.1825

The 5th of December, the linen weaver Gleditsch a son, Eduard Robert
The 11th of December, Rahel Dorothee Stöcker a daughter, Dorothee Mathilde
The 16th of December, the Tuchmachermeister Volkert a daughter, Christiane Pauline


No. 4 from 26.01.1826

January 1, the master brewer Müller a daughter, Marie Auguste
January 6, the Mr. Rector founder a son, Friedrich Emil


No. 7 of 16. 02.1826

January 13, the master shoemaker Melzer a daughter, Clara Louise


No. 8 from 23. 02.1826

The 10th of February, the white baker Master Prietzel a son, Carl Enrst Gustav


No. 9 from 02. 03.1826

February 12, the master master Carl David Bernd a daughter, Christiane Beate
The 16th of February, the cloth- maker Wirsig a daughter, Christiane Auguste


No. 12 from 23. 03.1826

March 3rd, Johanne Christ. Bernd an illegitimate son, Friedrich Herrmann


No. 15 from 13. 04.1826

The 6th of March, the breeder Züchnergeselle Bräuer a daughter, Joh. Christiane
March 20, clothier master Reason jun. a son, Friedrich Julius
March 24, the master mayor Friedrich Wilhelm Müller a son, Ernst Adolph Julius


No. 18 dated 03.05.1826

On March 30th, the Riemer Meister Pezold a daughter, Adelegunde Pauline
April 12, the shoemaker Gude a dead son


No. 22 from 01.06.1826

May 2, the master tailor Leonhard a son, Carl Gottlieb


No. 24 from 15.06.1826

April 28, Mr. Johann Gotthelf Lehmann a daughter, Caroline Friedericke Juliane
May 7, the shoemaker Bergleß a dead son
May 22, Züchnermeister Rind a daughter, Joh. Christiane
May 28, Johanne Christiane mushroom an illegitimate daughter, Christian. Juliane
May 29, the cloth-maker Schulze a son, Friedrich Eduard
May 29, white tanner and wool merchant Prause jun. a daughter, Johanne Christiane


No. 26 of 29.06.1826

June 6, the butcher-chief elder Heinrich a dead daughter
June 8, Mayor Schulze a dead daughter
June 11, the master shoemaker Sagittarius a daughter, Johanne Christiane


No. 30 dated 27.07.1826

June 12, the Schenkwirth Neumann a daughter, Pauline Auguste Gottliebe
The 17th of June, the master joiner Hager a daughter, Johanne Christiane
June 30, the master mayor Volkert a son, Joh. Carl Gottlieb

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