Family name Arzberger – Dörflas
10. July 2017
Wedding list Sorau from 1825
12. July 2017
Death list from Sorau

In 1551 the last lord of Sorau died from the line of the Bibersteine ​​to Friedland. It was an old custom of this family, that as soon as a monk without a head appeared at the castle at Sorau several times in succession, and the reigning gentleman at the same time felt a little malaise, he went to Friedland to settle down there And so the last of this family, Mr. Christoph, who, on the 10th of December, is at Friedland on the same castle, (Excerpt from the legend of the Prussian state, volume 2 by Dr. JG Ch. Grasse, 1871, p. 393, No. 341)

Death List from Sorau from 01.09.1825 – (source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)

No. 39, 28.09.1825

The 21st of September, Johann Gottlob Eichner , Bauer in Gurkau, 42 years, 1 month


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