Death list from Sorau
Death List from Sorau from 1825
12. July 2017
Birth list Sorau Genealogy
List of births from Sorau from 1825
12. July 2017

A noble maiden at Sorau was sick, and had to be craned. One called a bathing-babe, and the latter placed the necessary cupping-heads. But scarcely had the man been removed, the maiden perceived that he had done it to her, and that she could not leave it. She cut herself into the finger, in order to have the opportunity to see him again, and she became completely ill with love, to the great heartache of her parents. Dieseles now turned to the master of the Magister, who was notorious for his secret arts, who became superintendent at Sorau in 1573, and the latter was also prepared to brew a drink for the virgin, who was to bring about the adversary and cure it of the magic of love. But the remedy acted differently, and the virgin died of death, and died after a few days, so that, indeed, she was freed forever from the spell which had been given to her. (Excerpt from the legend of the Prussian state, volume 2 by Dr. JG Ch. Grasse, 1871, p. 391, No. 336)

List of saints from Sorau from 01.09.1825 – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)

No. 38, 22.09.1825

September 6th, Carl August Blobel with Christiane Dorothee Knappe
The 13th of September, Joh. Theodor Greissner , a shoemaker from Konigsberg in Prussia, with Henriette Auguste Miiller

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