List of births from Sorau from 1825

Wedding list Sorau from 1825
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Death list from Trattlau 1825
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Birth list Sorau Genealogy

In the Prussian province of Brandenburg, the county of Sorau existed from 1816 to 1946 on the part of the Lausitzer Neiße.
Due to the many readers’ wishes, the church news was published in the newspaper “Oberlausitzische Fama” from September 1, 1825, and continued on a regular basis.

List of births from Sorau from 01.09.1825 – (source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)

No. 38, 22.09.1825

September 1, Mrs. Tuchmachermeister Krause , a son
September 3, the wife of the coachman Binder, a son

No. 39, 28.09.1825

On the 11th of September, Ms Kupferschmidtmeister Steinmetz , a son

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