Birth list Sorau Genealogy
List of births from Sorau from 1825
12. July 2017
Todesliste aus Jahmen
Todesliste aus Jahmen ab 1825
24. July 2017

Wenceslas III. by Donin, Rohnau had inherited from his father, the Imperial advise Wenceslas II, whose goods Trattlau, Hirschfelde with accessories and the remains of the rule.
He seems his residence in Trattlau to have had by he first 1418 named as ‘Mr Wentsch the boy’ in Görlitz Court books differences, in which he with adjacent landowners – Lorenz von Nostitz on Niecha and with those of Gersdorf on Radmeritz was involved. (Excerpt from ‘ records of the extinct lines of the family Dohna by Siegmar to Dohna 1876 section XII.)

Death list from Trattlau 01 09 1825 – (source ‘ Oberlausitzische Fama’)

Nr 39 from 28 09 1825

the 9. September, Marie Rosine, the gardener’s daughter Schenk, 7 years, 17 days

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