Wedding list from Lauban 1825
21. November 2017
Death list Lauban 1825
24. November 2017
Wedding list from Lauban 1825
21. November 2017
Death list Lauban 1825
24. November 2017

Wedding List from Lauban 1826 – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)

No. 3 from 19.01.1826

January 9, Mr. August Gottlieb Richter , servant in the act of Mr. Kaufmann Heinze all here with Christiane Juliane Tischler from Siegersdorf
January 9, Carl Ehrenfried Posselt , Schutzverw. and coachman all together with Johanne Christiane Lemberg from Nieder-Holzkirch

No. 4 from 26.01.1826

January 17, Carl Gottwald , k. Prussian. Invalides of the 9th Invaliden-Commpagnie with Joh. Christiane Lange all here

No. 7 of 16. 02.1826

The 6th of February, master Joh. Traugott Ehrenfried Ueberschaar , citizen and shoemaker all here with Johanne Rosine Hartmann here, master Joh. Gottfried Wilhelm way , citizen, black and dyer and mangler all here with Friedericke Amalie Brückner here, master Joseph Thiersch , tenant brewer in Haugsdorf with Jungfrau Johanne Charlotte Laßmann from here
The 7th of February, Joh. Gottfried Hoffmann , Widower and Tagarbeiter all here with Anne Rosine Hoferichter from Nieder-Schreibersdorf, Joh. Christian Kühn , Schutzverwandter and in service all here with Joh. Caroline Böhnert here

No. 15 from 13. 04.1826

On 3 April, the widower, citizen and Freiweber Johann Gottfried Lindner with maid Anne Marie Nichs from Ottendorf

No. 16 from 20. 04.1826

The 10th of April, the widower, citizen and elder of the baggies and glove makers, also church father Mr. Illgen with the verw. Mrs. Johanne Rosine Thomas born. Kretschmar all here
The 10th of April, the citizen and chimney sweep master Hillmann with the virgin Johanne Rosine Weber all here
April 11, the citizen, Kauf- und Handelsmann Mr. Walther with Jungfrau Christ. Henriette Rehm all here
The 11th of April, the widower, citizen and breeder Master Hasack with the virgin Johanne Friedericke Gruhl all here
The 11th of April, the citizen Carl Gottfried Tschirner with the virgin Christiane Charlotte Herzog all here

No. 19 from 11.05.1826

May 1, the citizen and Zimmergeselle Carl Gottlieb Walter with the Virgin Joh. Christ. Tumbler all here

No. 20 from 18.05.1826

May 8, Master Samuel Gottlieb Scheffler , Wittwer, citizen and clothier all here with the virgin Christiane Dorothee Riedel here

May 8, Abraham Henkel , widower, citizen and garden owner all here with the widow Marie Elisabeth Lachmann from Wingendorf

No. 21 of 25.05.1826

Mr. Carl Benjamin Ueberschaar, citizen and landowner, also secretary and registrar at the city court of Reichenbach near Görlitz with the virgin Johanne Friederick Schirach from here: married on May 15 in Lichtenau

No. 22 from 01.06.1826

May 22, the citizen and bureaucrat Joh. August Zimmer with Jungfrau Christ. Charlotte Jäschke all here
May 23, the widower, citizen and carpenter Johann Gotthelf Lilie with Johann Dorothee Jacob all here

No. 23 from 08.06.1826

Master Carl Gottlieb Hopfe , burghers and soapmakers all here with the Virgin Johanne Charlotte Caroline Sitte here

No. 25 from 22.06.1826

June 12, Mr. Johann Gottfried Eisler , citizen and cattundrucker all here with Joh. Dorothea Schmidt from Wünschendorf, Carl Gottfried Riedewald , widower, citizen and homeowner all here with Joh. Rosine Bothe from Kerzdorf

No. 26 of 29.06.1826

June 19, the widower, citizen and Freiweber Carl Immanuel Maiwald with the Virgin Johanne Christiane Schlender from New Berthelsdorf, the citizen and Freiweber Joh. Daniel Caspar with the Virgin Johanne Christ. Kriegler himself, Gottlieb Schütz , protective relative and day worker with Johanne Elisabeth Gerlach from Logau
June 20, Johann Gottlieb Wagner , bricklayer all together with Joh. Christ. Caroline Stöckel here


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