Family news from the parish Balga 2008
11. November 2017
Wedding list from Lauban 1826
23. November 2017
Family news from the parish Balga 2008
11. November 2017
Wedding list from Lauban 1826
23. November 2017

Wedding List from Lauban 1825 – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)

No. 38 from 22.09.1825

The 5th of September the citizen and Freiweber Joh. Christoph Heym with the widow Joh. Dorothee Maywald born. Schmidt , the cottager and merchant Ernst Samuel Schiffer in Nieder-Schreibersdorf with the Virgin Joh. Christiane Herforth from Lauban
September 12, the citizen and clothier Carl August Kleinert with Virgin Christ. Caroline Anders

No. 39 from 28.09.1825

The 19th of September, Mr. Johann Samuel Franz Bayer , citizen and barber, with maiden Johanne Caroline Amtmann , the citizen and Freiweber Carl August Jacob with Christiane Rosine Adam

No. 40 of 06.10.1825

The 26th of September, Carl Grüßer, attached to the black and dyers’ profession, with Johanne Rosine Kums
The 27th of September, master Friedrich Wilhelm Zeh , citizen and tailor in Muskau, with Jungfrau Eleonore Wilhelmine Walther

No. 41 of October 13, 1825

The 4th of October, master Johann Carl Gottlieb Rehbock , citizen and Klemptner in Görlitz, with virgin Amalie Auguste Röder all here

No. 42 of 20.10.1825

The 11th of October, master Carl Heinrich Fohl , citizen, clothier also Walker and Schneiderm. all here with the Virgin Johanne Christiane Neumann here

No. 43 of 27.10.1825

The 17th of October, the citizen and pale-worker building with Johanne Friedericke Schmidt , the carpenter’s apprentice Reichstein with the virgin Johanne Christiane Lindner

No. 45 of 10.11.1825

The 31st of October, Mr. Carl Ernst Herrig , art, air and ornamental gardener all here with the virgin Johanne Carlone Baumgart here

No. 46 from 17.11.1825

The 7th of November, Mr. Carl August Kießling , gew. königl. Preuss. Corporal in the riding artillery with the virgin Johanne Christiane Trautmann

No. 47 of 24.11.1825

November 14, Wenzel Wontka , Schutzverwandter and Freiweber with widow Scholz b. Walther from Kerzdorf

No. 48 from 01.12.1825

November 21, the citizen and Freiweber Carl Gottlieb Richter with Christiane Dorothee Rohde all here
The 22nd of November, the house owner and linen weaver Joseph Franz Blumenberg in Wünschendorf with the maiden Johanne Charlotte Prox here, the burgher and weaver Joh. Carl Tschel in Greifenberg with Johanne Christiane Eleonore Dose allhere

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