Birth list from Cunnersdorf from 1825

Death list from Cunnersdorf from 1825
25. October 2017
Birth list from Görlitz 1825
26. October 2017

On the 18th Sunday p. Trin. In 1828, Mr. Karl Wilhelm Pfeiffer took up his position as appointed pastor to Cunnersdorf and deacon to Ebersbach. His surviving parents are: Mstr. K. Gottfried Pfeiffer, senior elder of the Schlosser zu Görlitz, and wife Friedericke Wilhelmine b. Hering, to whom he was born January 25, 1804.
After enjoying elementary lessons in the women’s school, he attended high school from 1813 to Easter 1823 and received the University of Halle, where he held the theological sciences until Easter 1826, supported by the magistrate of Görlitz vonferferte v , Gersdorfische and become him in Halle Woframsdorfische scholarship. After expiration of the triennil, he passed the first ghetto before Easter in 1826. After a half year, he returned and returned to his native city, where he became the teacher of a number of children until, after passing his second exam before the Consistorio in Wroclaw, he returned to his hometown Oct. In 1827, unexpectedly, he was voxed to the pastor in Cunnersdorf and deacon to Ebersbach, which office he took on the day before, after he had been ordained in the main church of St. Peter and Paul in Gorlitz. (Excerpts from New Lausitz Magazine, Volume 7 of 1828 p. 458/459)

Birth list from Cunnersdorf from 01.09.1825 – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)

No. 44 from 03.11.1825

October 16th, Anne Rosine Melzer a son, Joh. Gottlieb
The 17th of October, the wife of the herrschaftl. Shepherd Krause a daughter, Joh. Christiane Louide

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