Birth list from Lauban 1825
1. November 2017
Todesliste aus Görlitz 1826
Death list from Görlitz 1826
10. November 2017

Birth list from Lauban 1826 – (source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)

No. 3 from 19.01.1826

The 3rd of January, the citizen and master mayor Strasbourg a daughter, Caroline Auguste
January 3, the Schutzverw. and day worker choke a daughter, Ernestine Henrietee
January 4th, the Färbergeselles Grüßer a son, Carl Gustav
January 4th, the coachman and Schutzverw. Scholze a daughter, Rachel Emilie
January 5, the citizen and Zimmermann Hoffmann a son, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm
The 6th of January, Anne Rosine verw. Leather geb. Jackel a daughter, Christiane Caroline
January 10, the wife of the citizen and Freiweber Seibt a dead son

No. 4 from 26.01.1826

January 8, the citizen and Freiweber judge a son, Carl Ernst

No. 5 from 01. 02.1826

January 2, the citizen and district chief Mr. Flögel a son, Carl
January 13, the citizen and master tailor Jentsch a son, Gustav Adolph
January 16, the citizen, W. u. S. Gerber Gottschling a son, Julius Theodor
January 18th, the citizen and skinning master cook a daughter, Emilie Charlotte
January 19th, the citizen and master shoemaker Ueberschaar a daughter, Caroline Emilie

No. 6 from 09. 02.1826

The 17th of January, the citizen and Schumachermeister Steinich a daughter, Auguste Henriette
January 20, the citizen and Freiweber Berger a daughter, Beate Charlotte
January 20, the citizen, S. and S. dyer master Rudolph a daughter, Rosine Amalie
January 21, the royal Prussian. NCO in the 9th Invaliden-Companie Mr. Feierabend a son, Heinrich, August, Wilhelm
January 23, the day worker Schwarzbach a daughter, Christ. Caroline
January 27, the citizen and pale-worker Baude a pair of twin-daughters, Christiane Amalie and Henriette Caroline

No. 7 of 16. 02.1826

January 30, Johanne Eleonore Fritsche a daughter, Carlonie Henriette

No. 8 from 23. 02.1826

The 5th of February, the citizen and tailor Mechler a son, Louis Reinhard
The 6th of February, the citizen and cloth maker Hollstein a daughter, Christiane Louise
February 9, the wife of the citizen and Messerschmidtsmeister glasses a dead son
The 12th of February, the citizen and Master of the Crafts Kapser a son, Friedrich Herrmann Robert
The 15th of February, the wife of the citizen and shoemaker Luebeck a dead son

No. 10 from 09. 03.1826

February 12, the citizen and potter Keyling a son, Ernst Robert
The 13th of February, the citizen and cloth-maker Haase a son, Ernst Gustav
February 21, the citizen and master baker Geyer a daughter, Friedericke Pauline

No. 11 from 16. 03.1826

February 22, the royal Prussian. pens. Gensdárm Friedrich a son Moritz Herrmann
The 26th of February, the citizen and Zimmergeselle Thomas a son, Carl August
February 26, Christiane Rosine Schubert , a daughter, Joh. Amalie
March 1, the citizen and Freiweber Tschirsch a son, Carl August, the service coachman Posselt a son, Carl August

No. 12 from 23. 03.1826

The 3rd of March, the citizen H. and W. Schmidt master Scholze a son, Joh. Adolph

No. 13 from 30. 03.1826

March 10, the citizen and baker Börner a son, Alwin Robert
The 17th of March, the merchant on the Junkersberge, Carl Wilhelm Köhler a son, Ernst Wilhelm

No. 14 from 06. 04.1826

On Friday , March 4, the law clerk employed by the Abbey court at Kloster Lauban had a son, Friedrich Julius Caesar
March 14, the citizen and Freiweber Rapprich a daughter, Holdine Auguste Emilie
The 17th of March, the citizen and Freiweber Baumert a daughter, Caroline Auguste
March 17, Christiane Eleonore Weske a daughter, Christiane Ernestine Amalie
The 21st of March, the citizen and Freiweber Bieredel a son, August Adolph
The 23rd of March, the citizen and master of rope Schwarzbach a daughter, Ernestine Auguste

No. 15 from 13. 04.1826

The 26th of March, the citizen and senior elder of H. and WS Hern Geissler a son , Carl Friedrich Herrmann
The 27th of March, the citizen and Freiweber Baumert a son, Ernst August
March 31, Johanne Christiane Schubert a son, Gustav Wilhelm

No. 17 dated 27. 04.1826

April 8, the citizen and bricklayer Gierbig a son, Carl Gustav
The 9th of April, the citizen H. and W. Schmidt Meister Dornblut a daughter, Marie Louise
The 11th of April, the royal Prussian. Invalid Neugebauer a son, Carl Julius Louis

No. 18 dated 03.05.1826

April 10, the Citizen and Blicher Seibt a son, Adoph Ferdinand Robert
April 23, the custodian Ender a pair of twin daughters, Ernestine Caroline and Johanne Juliane

No. 19 from 11.05.1826

The 19th of April, the citizen, S. and S. dyer master way a son, Alexander Friedrich William
April 22, the citizen and manufacturer Teschner a son, Heinrich August

No. 20 from 18.05.1826

April 19, the Doct. medic. et.ehlturg. et. kractiet. Mr. Jackisch a son, Adam Traugott Herrmann
The 19th of April, the citizen and Buttonmacherstr. Thieme a son, Wilhelm Eduard
April 27, the day laborer Lorenz a son, Carl Heinrich
May 5, the citizen and garden owner Kühn a son, Carl Heinrich Wilhelm
May 6, the citizen and city car driver Mr. Zimmermann a son, Ernst Louis
May 8, Marie Rosine Ender a dead daughter

No. 21 of 25.05.1826

May 6, the citizen and Freiweber Tschirner a daughter, Caroline Charlotte
May 9, the citizen and horn turner Röder a daughter Julie Emma
May 9, the citizen Kirchhof a son, Carl Wilhelm
May 11, the citizen, Freiweber and Musikus Unger a daughter, Charlotte Amalie
May 12, the citizen and Freiweber Trauschke a son, Carl Wilhelm Ferdinand

No. 22 from 01.06.1826

May 13, the abom. Soldier and Freiweber Seeliger a son, Carl August
May 18, the burgher and clothmaker Mönnich a son, Carl Immanuel Benjamin
May 23, the citizen, factory. and merchant room a dead daughter

No. 23 from 08.06.1826

May 16, the surgeon Mr. and Accoucheur Hecker a daughter, Louise Rosalie Wanda
May 17, the servant Mr. Richter a daughter, Juliane Auguste
The 21st of May, the protective administrator and stone maker Heinze a daughter, Christiane Amalie Caroline
May 22, the citizen and mason Thomas a daughter, Ernestine Emilie
May 24, the citizen and Nagelschmidtgeselle Weickert a son, Carl Adolph

No. 24 from 15.06.1826

May 2nd, the citizen and stocking master Nixdorf a son, Carl Herrmann
May 28, the citizen and master potter Keiling a pair of twin daughters, Marie Rosine and Johanne Christiane

No. 25 from 22.06.1826

June 7, Friedericke Sophie Caroline Schön a daughter, Marie Amalie
June 11, Johanne Rosine Kerin a son, Carl August

No. 26 of 29.06.1826

June 15, the citizen and tradesman Mr. Joh. Gottlieb Werner a daughter, Marie Amalie

No. 27 from 06.07.1826

The 19th of June, the protecting relative Joh. Traugott Ende a daughter, Ernestine Auguste

No. 28 dated 13.07.1826

June 22, the citizen and Freiweber Ostermann a son, Ernst Eduard
The 24th of June, the citizen, tradesman and district manager, Mr. Schmidt a daughter, Pauline Friedericke Antonie
The 26th of June, the citizen and garden owner Engmann a daughter, Johanne Christiane Caroline
June 28, the citizen and Freiweber Böhme a daughter, Christiane Charlotte
June 29, the citizen and good. Best. Gerlach a daughter, Juliane Friedericke Ernestine

No. 29 dated 20.07.1826

The 26th of June, the deacon Jungling a daughter, Laura Wilhelmine
The 27th of June, the citizen and clothmaker Scholze a daughter, Charlotte Emilie
The 1st of July, the köingl. Prussian. Invalid Knauer a son, Johann Julius Robert
The 1st of July, Mrs. Joh. Rosine divorced John born. Schwarzbach a son, Johann Julius
July 8, Johanne Eleonore Gaßner a dead son

No. 30 dated 27.07.1826

July 9, the burgess and locksmith Schnabel a son, Carl August Gustav
July 11, the citizen and garden owner Baumert a daughter, Juliane Amalie
The 12th of July, the citizen and Freiweber Thieme a son, Traugott Wilhelm


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