Death list of Lichtenberg from 1825

Wedding list Lichtenberg from 1825
25. July 2017
Birth list Reutnitz from 1825
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On 10 Dec. Afternoon at 5 am, slept for a five-day fever inflammation Hr. M. Christoph Gerlach, 26-year old pastor in Hennersdorf bey Görlitz, at an age of 72 years, 5 months He was born in 1705 to 6 July in Lichtenberg, where his father herrschaftl. Forester was.
He studied in Görlitz under M. Large, and in Leipzig, to which place he stayed 8 years. In 1752. 27 Febr. Reminikere on Sunday he took office in Hennersdorf. He never verheurathet. His erudition was thorough, his office gifts pleasant, his heart honest, his love unselfishly and to his congregation, his Christianity so in front of people as before God. He was on 15 Dec. solemnly buried; the funeral sermon held Hr. Past. Rothe of Sohre on Apoc. 14.13. and the Patentation Hr. Past. Koehler Hermsdorf over 1 Cor. 4, 1. (excerpt from Lausitzisches magazine or collection of various essays and news Volume 10 1777 S. 400 No. VII..


Death list of Lichtenberg from 01 09th 1825 – (Source ‘Oberlausitzische Fama’)


No. 48 of 01 12 1825

10 November, the hoof and Waffenschmidt Johann Christoph Exner, 55 years


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