Lists from Radmeritz
16. January 2018
Löwenberg 1813
23. January 2018

Nieder-Markersdorf was occupied by the 21st and 34th Hunters Regiments, and the 4th and 20th Hunters Regiments, as well as the aforementioned Brigade of the 5th Division, were assigned to the Somtieu; only after a persistent battle did the enemy become master of one half of the village.
One could still notice significant columns that turned from Ober-Markersdorf against Pfaffendorf. G. Nikitin sent them some bullets from his battery near the end of Nider-Markersdorf. One of them, 50 steps behind Napoleon, reached G. Düroe and Kirgener. The 20th Hunter Regiment remained in Nieder-Markersdorf, the 4th and 34th Hunters Regiment occupied Pfaffendorf, the 21st with the Regiment Reval Holtendorf. Behind them, the 2nd Corps sat next to the corps of Gortschakof and St. Priest, which had already been set up on the front of the country corps. More back stood the cavalry of the Arriergarde.
It was about 7 o’clock in the evening, when the 2nd Corps arrived here and about 10 o’clock in the morning the battle had begun at Reichenbach. (Excerpt from The History of the Campaign of 1813 by Georg Wilhelm von Hofmann 1838 p. 77)


Birth- and death lists from Nieder-Markersdorf – (source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)



No. 40 of 06.10.1825

September 23, Fau Marie Rosine Dutschmann a son Carl Abraham


No. 43 of 27.10.1825

The 5th of October, Mrs. Marie Elisabeth Richte r a son, Joh. Gottlieb



No. 42 of 20.10.1825

The 9th of October, the resident Johann George Adler in Jauernick with Anne Dorothee Fritsche


No. 46 from 17.11.1825

November 1st, Johann Gottlieb Thiele , Häusler in Pfaffendorf with Marie Elisabeth Lange there


No. 49 of 08.12.1825

The 17th of November, the master miller Joh. Carl Ehrenfried Schmidt with the virgin Anne Rosine Thiele



No. 40 of 06.10.1825

September 21st, carpenter and yarn collector Lehmann’s son, Friedrich Wilhelm
The 24th of September, verw. Mrs. Anne Elisabeth Pößner geb. Shepherd , 72 years, 6 months, 12 days


No. 43 of 27.10.1825

October 4th, Mrs. Müllermeister Joh. Christiane Voigt , 36 years old
October 6, Joh. Traugott , son of the farmer Christoph Pilz , 10 years, 6 months
October 10, Abraham Gottlob , son of the aforementioned farmer, 3 years


No. 52 of 29.12.1825

December 4, Johanne Rahel , granddaughter of the great watchmaker boy , eight years old


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