Wedding list from Cunnersdorf from 1825

Death list from Nikolsdorf from 1825
20. October 2017
Death list from Cunnersdorf from 1825
25. October 2017

Cunnersdorf, behind Görlitz: On May 2, alhier celebrated his wedding party Hr. M. Christian Adolph Pescheck, Past. to old and Neujohnsdorf behind Zittau, with Jgfr. Karoline Dorothea Klien, because. Mr. Past. Joh. Gottlob Klien left here in Cunnersdorf. youngest daughter, first marriage. Mr. Past. Zaschmar from Rengersdorf gave the one-way speech, and 5 pressed Carmina and a gang were to be read.
Dreßden: Alhier knotted, on May 14, Hr. Christian Benj. Mehner, noble citizen, Churfl. Sächs. Stempelimpost-Einnehmer, also EH u. HR in Zittau Billetier, with Jgr. Johanna Juliana Thielin from Dreßden, his conjugal covenant. In addition to a congratulation from the children of the first marriage of the Mr. Bräutigams, a few others have been handed over.
Zittau: On 4 July alhier Hr. Traugott Daniel Richter, Chief Advocate. because. local Mr. Direct. Gymn ADR posthumous 2nd son, with Jgr. Fried. Doroth. Burkhardt, 2nd daughter Hern. Casp. Gottlieb Burkhardts, from Luptin, noble citizen entitled to citizenship, also merchant and merchant alhier. The wedding speech was delivered in the PP Church of the Hr. Archidiak. M. Pescheck. An academy. Friend M. Kr. Has wished him luck. (Excerpt from the Lusatian Magazine, or collection of various treatises and news 1786 p.279)

Wedding list from Cunnersdorf from 01.09.1825 – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)

No. 39 from 28.09.1825

The 18th of September, the future gardener Johann Gottlob Schwarze in Ober-Neundorf with Marie Rosine Kieslich from Torgau

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