Death list from Nikolsdorf from 1825

Birth list from Nikolsdorf from 1825
20. October 2017
Wedding list from Cunnersdorf from 1825
20. October 2017

Unfortunate incidents
Rengersdorf, 1 mile from Görlitz: Here, on the evening of the 13th of April, a young man, Daniel Schubert, plunged into the stream and drowned himself. He walked around quite melancholy for some time. On the 18th, his body was found, pulled out of the water and buried on the cattle track.
Horcka, in the Görlitz. Circles between Rothenburg and Ullersdorf: At this place, on the 2nd of April at 12 o’clock in the evening, the house of Caspar Heinrich, Häußlers, and Büttners, went up in the fire, and, because of the night-time, and because the fire was rapidly eating away , little can be saved.
Steinölsa: All here, in the Budissin, Oberkreise, in the Gebelziger parish gelungen, burned on April 5, a peasants completely from. The fire is said to have been neglected in cattle-smoking; as well as 17 cattle in the Gluth are spoiled with.
Lauterbach: In this village belonging to the Görlitz, magistrates, a mill burnt down on 7 May. The fire came out early at 5 o’clock by baking, because the unclean sooty sooty food, caught fire, and the burning soot fell on the roof of the shovel, which burned so immediately above us, that the miller could save nothing at all , The mill belongs to a farmer, named Lehmann. (Excerpt from the Lusatian Magazine, or collection of various essays and news 1768 p.144 No. VI)

Death list from Nikolsdorf from 01.09.1825 – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)

No. 40 of 06.10.1825

24th of September, Johann Gottfried , son of Häuslers Wünsche , 26 days

No. 41 of 20.10.1825

The 1st of October, Joh. Gottlieb , son of Häusler Ritter , 10 days

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