Wedding list from Rothenburg 1825 and 1826

Trauungsliste aus Schönberg
Wedding list from Schönberg 1825 and 1826
4. December 2017
Death list Rothenburg 1825 and 1826
10. December 2017
Trauungsliste aus Schönberg
Wedding list from Schönberg 1825 and 1826
4. December 2017
Death list Rothenburg 1825 and 1826
10. December 2017

Wedding list from Rothenburg 1825/1826 – (source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)


No. 42 of 20.10.1825

October 9, the cottager Johann Gottlieb Lorenz in Lodenau with Anne Marie Nehrhof, the gardener Johann Gottlieb Hille in Spreehammer with Anne Eleonore Schneider from Lodenau


No. 43 of 27.10.1825

October 16, Johann Gottfried Budig , Häusler in Bremenshire with wife Marie Elisabeth verw. Häusler T? Schoppe in Bremenhain


No. 45 of 10.11.1825

The 23rd of October, Joh. Christoph Ramin , Häusler in Uhsmannsdorf with Anne Rosine Kret. Thomas from Spree


No. 47 of 24.11.1825

The 6th of November, the tailor journeyman Matthias Christoph Nettermann with Johanne Eleonore Heinrich
The 12th of November, the lordly sheep master Joh. Carl Friedrich Anton Thiele with Eleonore Friedericke Meyer
The 15th of November, the servant Joh. Gottlieb Jesche in Tormersdorf with Joh. Christine Diener there


No. 48 from 01.12.1825

The 20th of November, the bachelor Joh. Heinrich Michel from Dobers with maid Anne Rosine Coal from Zoblitz
The 22nd of November, the bachelor Joh. Gottfried Pfeiffer in Spree with the Virgin Joh. Christiane Bräuer there


No. 50 of 15.12.1825

November 27, Joh. Friedrich Schaper , reigning Stellmacher with Johanne Christiane Henriette Tzscheutschler from Zoblitz


No. 3 from 19.01.1826

The 8th Janurary, the bachelor, citizen and master locksmith Immanuel Gotthelf dumpling with maiden Helene Tzscheitschler from Zoblitz


No. 4 from 26.01.1826

January 17th, master Joh. Gottlieb Scholz , tenant owner of the brewing and brandy bar in Zoblitz with Mrs. Johanne Friedericke verw. Scholz geb. Pitcher there


No. 5 from 01. 02.1826

January 23, Johann Ernst Heinrich Steinmeyer , reigning Brandy distiller with Anne Rosine Balzer all here
January 23, the bachelor Johann Gottlieb Nitsche , gardener in Quoisdorf with maid Anne Marie Donath from Spreeaufwurf
January 24, the bachelor Johann Gottlieb Neumann in Steinbach with the Virgin Anne Marie Tietze there


No. 6 from 09. 02.1826

January 29, Johann Gottfried Ramin , gardener in Uhsmannsdorf with Elisabeth Richter from Hähnichen
January 31st, Mr. Johann Gotthelf Witschel , herrschaftl. District hunters in Biehain with maid Rosette Henriette Rothe there


No. 7 of 16. 02.1826

The 6th of February, the bachelor Johann Samuel Hänsch , citizen and half-hounder all here with the virgin Anne Rosine Teschner from Ober-Spreehammer
The 8th of February, the bachelor Joh. Samuel Adrian from Neu-Krauscha with Anne Rosine Faul from Nieder-Neundorf


No. 22 from 01.06.1826

May 21, the bachelor Johann Ferdinand Franz Rosenbach , Freiknecht all here with the Virgin Anne Rosine Dietrich here
May 23, the mayor and master mayor Gottfried Philipp Franz Biber with Mrs. Christiane Friedericke verw. Hunter born Gühler himself


No. 30 dated 27.07.1826

The 9th of July, Traugott Neumann , cottager in Biehain with Anne Rosine Maucke there

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