Wedding list from Schönberg 1825 and 1826

Todesliste aus Schönberg
Death list Schönberg 1825 and 1826
3. December 2017
Wedding list from Rothenburg 1825 and 1826
5. December 2017
Trauungsliste aus Schönberg

Wedding list from Schoenberg 1825/1826 – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)


No. 43 of 27.10.1825

October 18th, the master shoemaker Ignatz Pompe with the Virgin Johann Christiane Menzel


No. 45 of 10.11.1825

October 23, Mr. Schulze , emer. Rathmann with the Virgin Joh. Christ. Meusel
October 25, the farmer Joh. Gottfried Petzold in Nieder-Geibsdorf with the Virgin Joh. Christ. Forge from Nikolsdorf
The 30th of October, the joke journeyman Joseph Bräuer from Bohemia with Joh. Christ. Chasers all here


No. 51 of 22.12.1825

December 9, the skinning master Reichardt sen . with Mrs. Christiane Dorothee verw. Karin b. Hofkunzin from Görlitz


No. 7 of 16. 02.1826

January 30th, the homeowner Johann George Seibt all here with the Virgin Joh. Rosine strength from Nicolsdorf
January 31, Mr. Christ. August Hartmann , instrument maker and freeholder in Küpper with Jungfrau Christ. Caroline Schulze all here


No. 15 from 13. 04.1826

On April 2, Joh. Gottlieb Müller , resident of Nieder Halbendorf with Joh. Dorothee geb. Tannert from Nieder Rudelsdorf
On 3 April, master tailor Georg Heinrich Christian Ludwig , Höffert in Löwenberg with Joh. Amalie born. Augustin from Nickolsdorf


No. 18 dated 03.05.1826

The 18th of April, the gardener Joh. Gottlieb Bräuer from Nieder Rudelsdorf and the virgin Joh. Christiane Meyer from Nieder Halbendorf


No. 20 from 18.05.1826

May 2nd, Master Johann Gottfried Schulze , Huf- und Waffenschmidt all here with virgin Christiane Rosine Müller here

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