Birth list from Rothenburg 1825 and 1826
12. December 2017
Lists from Hohkirch
1. January 2018

On the 16th of November of the year Holtendorf, broke early in the 2nd hour on the herrschaftl. Koberschen Hofe Feuer aus, which turned all residential and public buildings, together 276 cubits long, except for a Stok masonry in ashes. All the grain in the barns and on the floors, all the straw and hay, the last of the ship, crockery and other movables, became a plunder of the flame which broke out in the cupboard. According to the supposition, this great misfortune seems to be fooled from the outside by a window of light,
The fires that so often occur in a small district of the Orient, whose cause can be nothing but spiteful moorings, aroused fear and misanthropy, augmented by all sorts of tales, some of which may have aroused the malicious pleasure of others were. (Excerpt from Lausizische Monatsschrift 1794 volume 2 S. 945/946)


Birth list from Holtendorf – (source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)


No. 38 from 22.09.1825

September 15th, Marie Rosine Simon , a dead daughter


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