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Hochkirch or Hohkirch, a village in Upper Lusatia, not far from Bautzen, located on the road from there to Löbau and Zittau, famous for two battles that occurred there. When, in the Seven Years’ War, King Friedrich II had rushed to Saxony after the battle of Zorndorf to expel the great Austrian army under Daun, and to liberate Silesia, from which he was cut off by the position of the Austrians, he turned, with the intention of cutting off the enemy from his main magazine, Zittau, to Lusatia, and took an admittedly daring position at Hochkirch. The Austrians faced him in an advantageous camp. “If the Austrians let us down here,” said Field Marshal Keith to the assured King, “they deserve to be hanged!” Friedrich smiled at this, but this time he had made a mistake in his adversary. On 14. Oct. In 1758, at 5 o’clock in the morning, the Prussian army was awakened from sleep by the Austrians, who, after a well-designed tarpaulin, entered the city from all sides in closed columns. The burning watch-fires in the Austrian camp and working timber-workers masked the disengagement of the troops. The king was so sure that he took no notice of the first message of the approach of the enemies. Only after the outposts had been overpowered, and various batteries had been taken and sent to his own camp, did he vomit over the truth that he had been attacked.
Quickly he sought to rearrange the troops, who were still half-disguised, but nowhere was any connection, only individual regiments fought against the dense Austrians: Hochkirch was half in flames, here the fight was the most obstinate, the Prussians fought like Desperate, but since they could not order because of an impenetrable and unusually persistent fog, it was not possible to resist in all the efforts of the greatest valor. …. (Excerpt from the General German Real Encyclopedia for the educated estates, Volume 4 of 1819 pp. 805/806)


Birth- and death lists from Hohkirch – (source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)



No. 40 of 06.10.1825

The 18th of September, the wife of the farmer and church father Steinert a daughter, Johanne Dorothee



No. 40 of 06.10.1825

18th of September, Johann Gottlieb Krahl , resident of Görlitz, with Anne Rosine founder

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