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4. January 2018
Birth list from Kodersdorf
8. January 2018

Simon Hornn is mentioned in 1515 as a pastor in Horka in a letter from the episcopal Meißnich official Peter Weippersdorf, who asks the Rath to Görlitz to protect the pastor against the relatives of a woman to Kodersdorf, merten richteryn, which he because of anger in the parish Rengersdorf with the interdickt and silent ban has informed – we know nothing more about him. (Page 97)

Johann Gottfried Böttner, son of PM Conrad Böttner, born. at Horka on April 20, 1707, studied at Leipzig, became field preacher in 1733, and starred in Warsaw on February 10, 1735 (page 84).

Samuel Gottlieb Hauffe, son of Fr. Joh. Samuel Hauffe, b. to Horka on April 9, 1712, studied in Dresden and Leipzig, became field preacher in 1741 and 1743 P. to Niemegk in Bitterfeld. (Page 84)

Dr. Johann Gottfried Jancke, son of PM Johann Friedrich Jancke zu Horka born in Budissin on November 16, 1724, became professor of medicine at Leipzig, where he died on January 20, 1763 (page 84)

Johann Gottlieb Queisser, b. At Spremberg near Oppach on November 14, 1734, Thürmer was in Löbau for some time, since 1761 Cator in See, and since 1771 in Horka, where he died on December 31, 1810, and left the reputation of a faithful and efficient schoolboy. In Löbau he had with Eleonore Friederike geb. Bode married, who died on 17 April 1814, almost 81 years old, at Horka. Their marriage had been blessed with 7 sons and 4 daughters (page 113) (Excerpts from Die Parochie Horka in the Rothenburg district, consisting of the villages Upper, Middle, Lower Horka and Mückenhain, topographically, statistically, historically described by Ludwig August Theodor Holscher – 1856)


Birth list from Horka from 01.09 1825 – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)


No. 40 of 06.10.1825

September 2, Mrs. Häusler Pity a dead daughter
September 10, Mrs. Häusler Gäbel a son, Carl Gottlieb
The 11th of September, Mrs. Schulwalder Maywald a daughter, Minna Cölestina
14 September, Fau Fleischhauer Jeschke a son, Carl Gottlieb , wife Zimmermann Jeschke a son, Johann Traugott
September 18th, Mrs. Oeconom Meißner a daughter, Caroline Ernestine


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