Church Books Hesse

Church Books Hesse

T he church books Hesse :
For the protestant church of Kurhessen-Waldeck a church register was published. From this it is clear that some parishes still have church books from the time before the 30-year war, but in many parishes this tradition only begins in or after the 30-year war. In the reformatory order of the 16th century the following is prescribed:.

  • 1566 Baptismal register
  • 1573 marriage register
  • 1657 Register of Deaths
  • addresses

    Central Archive of the Evangl. Church in Hesse and Nassau, PF 64276 Darmstadt
    Diocese archive Fulda, PSF 147, 36001 Fulda
    Archive of the evangl. Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck, Lessingstraße 15 A, 34119 Kassel
    Diocesan archive, Weilburger road 16, 65549 Limburg
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    Church Books Hesse

    Source: 800 years city of Friedberg by J. Regler 1994
    Friedrich Schleich already exercised the office of schoolmaster during his predecessor's lifetime, and according to the baptismal register, the daughter Barbara was baptized to "Friderico Schleich, schoolmaster alhie" and his wife Magdalena on March 19, 1634.
    On December 20, 1681, the daughter Eva was baptized to "Salomon Pöckh, Ludimagister", but she died already on October 9, 1683 as a child of "Salomon Pökh, Schuelmeister".
    On June 1, 1687, Leonhard Niderer, "disses Gottshauß Organist", a native of Bavaria, was married in Friedberg to Maria Katharina Khröpffler from Scottwien; the latter was served in the rectory. Only eight weeks later their daughter Maria Theresa was baptized on August 24, 1687.

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