Church Books Bavaria

Church Books Bavaria

I n order to make it easier to use the genealogical research in Bavaria, the archives want to scan the church records of Bavaria from the microfilms and digitalize them.


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Discovered in the church books of Bavaria

One of the wealthiest and most important families in Augsburg were the Fuggers. The first Fugger known to us lived more than 650 years ago and was called Hans. He started in 1367 as a simple weaver in Augsburg and specialized in linen. As the grandfather of Jacob the Second, he accepted various guild master's offices over the years. The last child of Hans and Elisabeth Fugger was born in 1399, the son Jakob the Elder. Andreas and Michael are named as his brothers.

In 1410 Andreas Fugger established the first contacts with Venice and thus expanded the cloth making business to wholesale. The youngest son of Hans and Elisabeth, Jacob the Elder, went to Venice in 1418 to take up a goldsmith apprenticeship. He married Barbara, the daughter of the goldsmith Bäsinger.
In 1435 the first son from this marriage saw the big wide world and was baptized in the name of Ulrich. Jakob Fugger was born as the tenth child in March 1459. His father Jakob the Elder died in 1469, leaving a fortune of about 15,000 gulden (he was the seventh wealthiest man in Augsburg). He followed in his father's footsteps in 1478 and managed the company together with his brothers Ulirch and Georg.
Also in my main line Portner from Regensburg a brother named Wolfgang marries a Margarethe Fugger from Ausgsburg. His daughter married Andreas the younger Castner in 1532.


Baptisms of Hohenberg on the Eger

from the year 1603
1st Bartholomew Bscherer
~ 24. 03.1603 at Hohenberg in the church
Father: Johann Bscherer
Mother Ursula
Godparents: Bartholomäus Caspar Fürbringers orph (orphan) of Raithenbach

2. Nicolaus Rölß
~ 08. 05.1603
Father: Paulus Rölß the Younger
Mother: Ursula
Godparents: Nicol Pöltzer on the Eichelberg

3rd Johannes Pecher
~ 15. 05.1603
Father: Johannes Pecher von Oschwitz itz zu Hohenberg a warrior and head of the guard at the same time Mother: Margaretha
Godparents: Johann peasant enemy of the younger ones at Oschwitz

4. Anna Röder
~ 28. 05. 1603
Father Georg Röder, an escort
Mother Barbara
Godfather: Anna, Johann Glesel's same housewife

5. Georgius Jeckel ~ 23.07.1603 to Arzberg in the churches
Father: Laurentius Jeckel
Mother: Margaret
Godfather: Georg Fischer, Mayor of Hohenberg

6th Kunigunda Feiler
~ 08-11-1603
Father: Andreas Feiler, Shepherdmaster
Mother: Catharina
Godfather: Kunigunda, Johann Kreüsels of Haslau, housewife

7th Ursula Pöpel
~ 8/15/1603
Father: Justus Pöpel
Mother: Margareta
Godfather: Ursula, , Johann Büttner's housewife

8th Margareth Hüttner
~ 01.10.1603
Father: Nicolaus Hüttner, forest ranger here
Mother: Gertrud
Godfather: Margareth, Johann Reders, Müllers on the Pfeifermühl, housewife

9th Joachim (illegitimate)
~ 23.11.1603
Mother: Catharina Kießling zu Hohenberg
"...which she conceived out of wedlock, as she indicates with Jacob, whose surname she does not know, Mr. Bailiff to the wish of Josuae Puttkammer, scribe. With whom she also served as a maid after the writer's departure."
Godfather: Joachim Jacob, Georg Johann Pölmann's son and Anna, Sebastian Vietners, Thorwärts, housewife, all at Hohenberg

10th Catharina Müller
~ 12-14-1603
Father: Johann Müller
Mother Walburg
Father: Philippi Thomae the same housewife

11. andres pölman
~ 31.12.1603
Father: Erhard Pölman
Mother: Catharina
Godfather: Andreas Diener there
from the year 1604
12. barbara hiltner
~ 02/29/1604
Father: Johann Hiltner, otherwise known as Niederlender, a peddler
Godfather: Barbara, Jörg Fischer's same housewife

13th Kunigunda Jan
~ 05.03.1604
Father: Lutwig Jan
Mother Eva
Godfather: Kunigunda, the housewife of Michael Jan on the Eichelberg >br/>
14. Ursula Reinl
~ 03-10-1604
Father: Barthel Reinl
Mother: Barbara
Godfather: Ursula des Laurez Artzberg housewife of Raithenbach

15th Margaretha Adler
~ 03-11-1604
Father: Georg Adler
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Margareth, Johann Kerens housewife on the Eichelberg

16. barbara kolb
~ 03/22/1604
Father: Georg Kolb, mayor of Brno Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Barbara, Johann Reders, miller on the Pfeifermühl, housewife

17th Margaretha Röls
~ 20.06.1604
Father: Martinus Röls
Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Margareth, Barthel Reinel's daughter all here

18. Martinus Feiler
~ 06/27/1604
Father: Petrus Feiler, shepherd
Mother: Elizabeth
Godfather: Martin Mayer, shepherd or shepherd in the castle of Liebenstein

19th Adamus Sultzbach
~ 08-17-1604
Father: Abrahamus Sultzbach, judge
Mother: Margareth
Godfather: Adamus Apel, Voigt zum Liebenstein

20th Catharina Krötel
~ 09/24/ 1604
Father: Valentin Krötel
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Justus Pöpel, Voigt im Schloß, Catharina, Johann Lochners, Richter zu Raithenbach's daughter and Catharina of Veit Ranner (Rainer) zu Hohenberg Orphan

21st Johannes Rölß
~ 09/30/1604
Father: Martinus Rölß, Fischer
Mother: Margareth
Godfather: Johann Reinheintz Ziegler, Adam, son of the Laurentzen Singers, Margaretha, the orphan of Martin Kützschen
from the year 1605
22. Anna Fischer
~ 01.01.1605
Father: Johann Fischer, tenant on the Hammermühl
Godfather: Anna, Georg Bauerfeinds daughter on the Eichelberg

24th Margareth Feiler
~ 22.01.1605 to Artzberg
Father: Johann Feiler, sheep farmer
Mother: Margareth
Godfather: Margareth, Johann Rölßen himself a housewife there

25th Johannes Röder
~ 25.01.1605
Father: Johann Röder, Pfeifermüller
Mother: Margareth Godfather: Johann Örtel, schoolmaster there

26. gertrud Bscherer
~ 25.01.1605
Father: Johann Bscherer
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Gertrud, Nicol Hüttners, forester, housewife

27. Georgius Müller
~ 02-12-1605
Father: Johann Müller
Mother: Walburg
Godfather: Georg Jhering, butcher

28. barbara hiltner
~ 04.03.1605
Father: Johann Hiltner, a low loiterer and grocer
Mother: Elizabeth
Godfather: Barbara, Laurentzen Hagen, hammersmith of the Artzberg, housewife

29th and 30th twins Johann and Johann Glesel
~ 27.03.1605
Father: Johann Glesel, called Sachs
Mother: Anna
Father: Johann Pachmann of Bayreuth, Prince. Brandenburg. Cellar writer and Johann Reinheintz, potter and bricklayer there (Hohenberg)

31. Nicol Röder
~ 31.07.1605
Father: Georg Röder, escort man
Mother: Barbara
Godfather: Nicol Bernhard Müller on the Sandmühl (near Röthenbach)

32. walburga Pölmann
~ 08/26/1605
Father: Johann Pölmann
Mother: Margareth
Father: Walburg, Mr. Friedrich Werners, widow

33. Anna Rödel
~ 02.11.1605 in the house at night by Mr. Pfarrer zu Schirnding
Father: Nicol Röder, Sheep Master
Mother Anna
Godfather: Anna, Georg Fischer's housewife

34. anna sultzbach
~ 11/20/1605
Father: Abraham Sultzbach, judge
Mother: Anna
Godfather: Margareth, Sebastian Kliebhans, Hammermüller's housewife
from the year 1606
35. Martinus Hil(t)ner
~ 05.02.1606
Father: Johann Hil(t)ner or Hiltman, Niederlender
Mother: Elizabeth
Godfather: Martin Gewiner to Schirnding innkeeper, in his absence has promised child there Michel Nürnberger the same

36. Johannes Hüttner
~ 02.03.1606
Father: Nicol Hüttner, Forester
Mother: Gertrud
Godfather: Johann Bescherer, Zrenner in Weißenstadt on the hammer

37th Catharina Jan
~ 04.03.1606
Father: Lodovicus Jan
Mother: Eva
Godfather: Catharina, Philipp Thomä the same housewife

38. john reinel
~ 28.03.1606
Father: Johann Reinel, blacksmith and church caretaker
Mother: Margareth
Godfather: Johann Örtel, schoolmaster

39. barbara reinel
~ 04/24/1606
Father: Bartolomäus Reinel, mayor of Berlin Mother: Barbara
Godfather: Barbara, Georg Fischer's housewife

40. Anna Röls
~ 01.05.1606
Father: Martin Röls
Mother Margareth
Godfather: Anna, Johann Röders, Pfeifermüller wife

41 Gertrude Adler
~ 09.05.1606 (RB: + 29.01.1670 sudden death)
Father: Georg Adler, named Springer
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Gertrudis, Nicol Hüttner, Forester's housewife

42nd Nicol Röder
~ 05-18-1606 (emergency baptism)
Father: Johann Röder, Pfeifermüller
Mother: Margareth
Godfather: Nicol Mener, Müller zu Schirnding

42a. Simon Griener
~ 10/19/1606
Father: Georg Griener, allher
Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Simon Böheim on the Eichelberg

43. Ursula Müller
~ 05/25/1606
Father: Andres Müller
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Ursula, Laurentz Singer's daughter

44. Margareth Rölß
~ 10.16.1606
Father: Martin Rölß, Fischer
Mother: Elizabeth
Godfather: Margareth, Johann Reinheintzen wife

45th Christoph Artzberger
~ 10/22/1606
Father: Peter Artzberger
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Christoph Glesel, called Sacks

45a. Johannes Jäckl
~ 11/21/1606
Father: Lorenz Jäckl
Godfather: Hannß Pöhlmann, blacksmith
from the year 1607
46th Lorenz Sack (illegitimate)
~ 05.01.1607
Father: Pancratius Sack on the lake
Mother: Barbara Sengel to Condra
Godparents: Lorentz Jeckel, Jochim Jacob and Margareth, Johann Müller's orphan

47. Andreas Rödel
~ 09.01.1607
Father: Jacob Rödel
Mother: Anna
Godparents: Andres Feiler, Shepherdmaster for the care of the women or Noble Lordship to the Liebenstein

48. catharina Kern
~ 12.01.1607
Father: Georg Kern, coachman in the castle
Mother: Margareth
Godfather: Catharina, Sebastian Thomae Housewife the same

49th Leonhard Pöpel
~ 29.01.1607
Father: Aegidius Pöpel
Mother: Catharina
Godfather: Mr Leonhard Hoffman, Judge

50. Georgius Sultzbach
~ 30.01.1607
Father: Mr. Abraham Sultzbach, forester on the Kohlwald
Mother: Margareth
Godfather: Mr Georg Winter, pastor of Schirnding

51. Georgius Hoffmann
~ 28. 05.1607
Father: Mr Leonhardus Hoffmann, Judge Mother: Margaretha
Sponsor: Georg Fischer, Member of the Hohenberg Council

52nd Margareth Müller
~ 03.10.1607
Father: Johannes Müller
Mother: Walburg
Godfather: Margareta, Justi Pöpels, Voigts in the castle housewife
from the year 1608
53. Juliana Barbara Örtel
~ 26.01.1608
Father: Hans Örtel, schoolmaster
Mother Eva
Godfather: the noble and virtuous woman Juliana von Steinau born Zoblin von Giebelstadt, official and Hans Röder, Pfeufermüller, groom and Barbara Opplin vom Liebenstein his bride

54th Walpurga Örtel
~ 15.02.1608
Father: Paul Örtel, blacksmith
Mother: Anna
Godfather: Walpurga, Laurentzen of Austria, Müllers zu Fischer's housewife

55th Bartholomew Roltz
~ 01.03.1608
Father: Paulus Roltz the Younger
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Bartholomäus Reinl, Mayor

56th Ursula Zimentheuser
~ 18.03.1608
Father: Melchior Zimentheuser
Godfather: Fabian Miesels, Riemers and citizen of the Artzberg housewife

57th Magdalena pack
~ 03-19-1608
Father: Jacob Rudel, Shepherd at Hohenberg
Mother: Anna
Godfather: Leonhart Saupperts, sheep master at Schlottenhof Housewife

58th and 59th twins Johannes Andreas and Johannes Sulzbach
~ 15.04.1608
Father: Abraham Sulzbach
Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Andreas Seudel, Voigt at Schlottenhof and Hans Fuhrbringer at Raithenbach

60th Catharina Röltz
~ 5/17/1608
Father: Merten Roltz
Mother: Anna
Godfather: Erhard Pöhlmann's wife

61st Ursula Adler
~ 06.06.1608
Father: Georg Adler otherwise called Springer
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: the young Paul Röltzen Weib

62nd and 63rd twins Barbara and Erhardus Huttner
~ 06-12-1608
Father: Nicolaus Huttner, forester at Hohenberg
Mother: Trust
Godfather: Hans Röders, Pfeifermüllers housewife and Erhard Jeckel

64th Margaretha Pöhlmann
~ 06-12-1608
Father: Hans Pöhlmann
Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Laurenz Jeckls wife

65th Margaretha Hildmann
~ 25.07.1608
Father: Hans Hildmann, Welscher zu Hohenberg
Mother: Elizabeth
Godfather: Paul Röltzen the elder stepdaughter

66. Margaretha Holer
~ 30.07.1608
Father: Hans Holer, sheep farmer at Hohenberg
Mother: Catharina
Godfather: Hans Röltzen zu Dietersgrün housewife

67. elisabeth pöhlmann
~ 29.10.1608
Father: Erhard Phlmann
Mother: Catharina
Godfather: Merten Röltzen woman

68th Margaretha Jahn
~ 11/23/1608
Father: Ludwig Jahn
Mother: Eva
Godfather: Hans Lantsch, mill servant in the Pfeifermühl, Catharina, Andreas Diener's wife and Margaretha Kislingin, castle maid

69. Anna Röder
~ 27. 11,1608
Father: Hans Röder on the Pfeifermühl
Mother: Barbara
Godfather: Leonhardt Hoffmanns, Richter's housewife

70. margaretha glasses
~ 13.12.1608
Father: Christoph Gläslein otherwise called Sachs
Mother: Catharina
Godfather: Hans Reinels, smith's wife
71st Wolf Adam Örtel
~ 12/19/1608
Father: Hans Örtel, schoolmaster
Mother: Eva
Godfather: Wolf Adam von Steinau, bailiff at Hohenberg

72nd Paul Meiner
~ 12/25/1608
Father: Gilg Meiner
Mother: Dorothea
Godfather: Paulus Röltz the Elder
from the year 1609
73rd Mary Magdalene Gröner
~ 11.01.1609
Father: Georg Gröner
Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Oswald Öheims on the Eichelberg Hausfrau

74th Vitus Georgius Lösner
~ 29.01.1609
Father: Georg Lösner, Bader zu Hohenberg
Mother: Catharina
Godfather: Veit Ulrich von Steinau, brother of the bailiff, Georg Doll, groom and Anna Maria Waltzin, locksmith
75th Anna Diener (illegitimate)
~ 02/25/1609
Mother: Catharina Diener, kitchen maid in the castle ("at Wolff Adam von Steinau Ambtmann all here, is knocked up by his brother Veit Ulrich von Steinau")
Godfather: Hans Kolb, blacksmith; Hans Schick, shepherd; Anna, Hansen Röders on the Pfeifermühl daughter; Anna, Hansen Steppers, Büttels, daughter; Anna, Hansen Trögers on the Weißenstadt daughter

76th Johannes Bescherer
~ 02/26/1609
Father: Hans Bescherer, Zrenner (steelworker) at Hohenberg
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Hans Arzberger von Hohenberg

77th Margaretha Müller
~ 14.03.1609
Father: Andreas Müller
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Nicol Rölsen woman

78. Paulus Reinel
~ 03/21/1609
Father: Barthel Reinel, mayor of Br/> Mother: Barbara
Godfather: Paulus Röls the Younger

79. Barbara Hoffmann
~ 27.03.1609
Father: Leonhard Hoffmann, judge at Hohenberg
Mother: Anna
Godfather: Hansen Röders, Pfeifermüllrs housewife

80. Nicolaus Bolster
~ 04/21/1609
Father: Erhard Bolster
Mother: Amalia
Godfather: Nicol Hüttner, forester at Hohenberg

81st Johannes Jäckel
~ 06-11-1609
Father: Laurenz Jäckel
Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Hans Buhelmann (Pöhlmann)

82. Eva Buhelmann
~ 08-11-1609
Father: Georg Buhelmann
Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Hans Ördels, schoolmaster Weib

83. Ursula Ördel
~ 01.09.1609
Father: Paulus Ördel, Schmidt zu Hohenberg
Mother: Anna
Godfather: Hansen Grieshammers zu Schirnding Weib

84. Adam Röls
~ 10.08.1609
Father: Merten Röls, fisherman at Hohenberg
Mother: Elizabeth
Godfather: Adam Singer, Laurenz Singer's son
85. Anna Zeudlhack
~ 02.12.1609
Father: Georg Zeudlhack
Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Erhard Jäckel

86th Erhardus Geiger
~ 02.12.1609
Father: Hans Geiger
Mother: Christina
Godfather: Erhard Jäckel

87th Joachimus Gröner
~ 12-23-1609
Father: Hans Gröner the Younger
Mother: Kunigunda
Godfather: Joachim Jacob
from the year 1610
88th Paulus Lehner
~ 06.01.1610
Father: Hans Lehner
Mother: Catharina
Godfather: Paulus Schwesner, judge

88.a Georg Hiltmann
~ 28.02.1610 (entry added by another hand)
Father: Hans Hiltmann, Dutchman
Mother: Elizabeth
Godfather: Georg Pöhlmann

89. Anna Han
~ 03-18-1610
Father: the Venerable and Honourable Mr. Johann Han au der Ziegelhütte
Mother: Margareta
Godfather: Hans Röders, miller at the Pfeifermühle, daughter

90. Amalia Huttner
~ 26. 04. 1610
Father: Nicol Huttner, forester at Hohenberg
Mother: Gertrud
Godfather: Erhard Polsters wife

91. erhardus upholstery
~ 02.05.1610
Father: Thoma Polster, sheep master at Hohenberg
Mother: Dorothea
Godfather: Erhard Jackel

92nd Margareta Arzberger
~ 06-18-1610
Father: Peter Arzberger
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Georg Kölblin daughter

92a. Walburg Fischer
~ 22.06.1610 (entry is under 1611)
Father: Paul Fischer, tailor
Godfather: Walburg Wernerin, writer-Wittib (widow)

93rd Johannes Pöppel
~ 01.07.1610
Father Gilg Pöppel
Mother Catharina
Godfather: Hans Feuler, herdsman of Liebenstein

94. laurentius reysenecker
~ 08-12-1610
Father: Hans Reysenecker, now butcher at Hohenberg
Mother Sybilla
Godfather: Laurentz Austrian, miller to fishermen

95. Georg Bescherer
~ 8/15/1610
Father: Hans Bescherer, Zrenner
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Georg End, hammersmith in Arzberg

96. Margaretha Hnöger
~ 06/09/1610
Father: Pangratz Hnöger, Hammermüller
Mother: Barbara
Godfather: Margaretha Kuntzin, currently a locksmith

97th Magdalena Springer
~ 09/28/1610
Father: Georg Springer, charcoal burner in the Selberwald uff dem Sommerhau
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Christoph Kuhners, hammer blow to the Arzberg Weib

98th Margaretha Röder
~ 10/17/1610
Father: Hans Röder on the Pfeifermühl
Mother: Barbara
Godfather: Hans Buhelmanns, blacksmith's wife
99. Georg Örtel
~ 10/22/1610
Father: Hans Örtel, schoolmaster
Mother: Eva
Godfather: Georg Fischer, at the Pfeyffermühl (added: mayor)

100th Margaretha cup
~ 03.11.1610
Father: Ludwig Becher
Mother: Eva
Godfather: Nicol Rölsen, carpenter's wife and Lorenz Trübenbach's housewife
101. Susanna Kolb
~ ?. 11. 1610
Father: Merten Kolb
Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Laurenz Österreichers, Müllers zu Fischern Weib
Side note from the schoolmaster: Now my wife in law, Susanna Singerin

102nd Eberhardus Lösner
~ 10. 11. 1610
Father: Georg Lösner
Mother: ?
Godfather: Georg Böseneckers, host to Schirnding Sohn

103. Hans Georg Weltz (illegitimate)
~ Date is torn off
Mother: a son of Anna Maria Weltzin, who was a locksmith, whom she conceived with Georg Thollen, who was Reutter's in castle, in dishonour. Godfather: Johannes Fabian Miesels zu Arzberg son; Georg Röder, Pfeifermüller's son; Paul Schwesner, judge; Laurenz Jackel; Margaretha Kuntzin, locksmith; Margaretha Bischoffin, cook; Ursula, Erhard Jackel's daughter

104. Adam Buhelmann
~ 12-11-1610
Father: Georg Buhelmann
Mother: Margaretha
Godfather: Adam Singer
from the year 1611
105th Christoph Sigmund Lauerich
~ 01/25/1611
Father: Georg Lauerich
Mother: Catharina
Godfather: The noble and vest Christoph Sigmund von Waldenroth; Eucharius Quader zu Röthenbach and the Sandmüller, now of the Eucharij Quadens Weib

106th Andreas Jahn
~ ?. 02. 1611
Father: Ludwig Jahn
Mother: Eva
Godfather: Andreas Diener

107. walburga upholstery
~ ?. 07. 1611
Father: Erhard Polster
Mother: Anna
Godfather: Hans Müllers, the breadwinner's wife
108. Margaretha Griener
~ 20. 03. 1611
Father: Georg Griener
Mother Margaretha
Godfather: Margaretha, Nicol Rölsen Housewife

109th Lorenz Öhrtl
~ 28. 03. 1611
Father: Paulus Öhrtl, blacksmith
Mother: Anna
Godfather: Lorenz Österreister, miller to fishermen

110. Juliana Zeidler
~ 02. 04. 1611
Father: Peter zeidler, Bader
Godfather: Juliana, Paul Schwesers, Judge's housewife

111. Ursula Glesel
~ 12. 04. 1611
Father: Christoph Glesel
Godfather: Ursula, Paul Rölsen the Younger Housewife

112. merttin pühlman
~ 28. 05. 1611
Father: Erhardt Pühlman
Mother: Katharina
Godfather: Mertin Rölß, Fischer

113. Georgius Jäckl
~ 14. 06. 1611
Father: Lorenz Jäckl
Mother: Margareta
Godfather: Georg Pohlman

114th Poncratius Geiger
~ 21. 09. 1611
Father: Hannß Geiger
Mother: Christina
Godfather: Poncratius Träger, stock miller (tenant) of the Hammermühl

115th Maria Susanne von Wallenroth
~ 07. 10. 1611
Father: Christoph von Wallenroth
Mother: Thorothea
Godfather: Junker Jobst Heinrich from Schirnding at Röthenbach; Jungfrau Sibilla from Zedtwitz at Liebenstein; Hansen Munich, Judges at Arzberg Hausfrau

116th Partholomeus Pölman
~ 05. 11. 1611
Father: Hanns Pölman, blacksmith
Mother: Margareta
Godfather: Partl Gebhart from Markhausen
from the year 1612
117th Johannes Praun
~ 01.16.1612
Father: Georg Praun
Mother: Eva
Godfather: Johannes Thoma

118. Paulus Örtl
~ 31.01.1612
Father: Johann Örtl, schoolmaster
Godfather: Paul Schweser, judge

119. Anna Röls
~ 06.03.1612
Father: Merttin Röls, Fischer
Godfather: Anna, Jochim Jacobs Housewife

120. margareta pöpel
~ 06/05/1612
Father: Gilg Pöpel
Mother: Katharina
Godfather: Margaretha Zacharias Thoma, goalkeeper housewife in the castle

121st Paulus Fischer
~ 08.05.1612
Father: Paulus Fischer, tailor
Mother: Margareta
Godfather: Paul Schweser, judge

122nd Johannes Polster
~ 05.10.1612
Father: Erhard Polster
Mother: Amalia
Godfather: Hanns Müller, Semmelmann

123rd Anna, Johanna von Steinau
~ 05-12-1612
Father: Herr Amtmann Wolf Adam von Steinau, Prince Brandenb. Council and cavalry captain, otherwise on Ayerbach and Appenfeld
Mother. Juliana born from Zoblin on Giebelstadt
Godparents: 6 noblemen

123a. Johannes Keckh
~ 05/22/1612
Father: Veit Keckh
Mother: Elizabeth
Godfather: Hans Röder, Pfeiffermüller

124. Erhardt Prechtel
~ 05/26/1612
Father: Hanns Prechtel, charcoal burner on the Selberwald
Mother: Margareta
Godfather: Erhardt Pöhlmann

125. Anna Thoma
~ 31.08.1612
Father: Hanns Thoma
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Anna, Georg Praun's blessed daughter

126th Johannes Röder
~ 08.09.1612
Father: Hanns Röder, Pfeifermüller
Mother: Barbara
Godfather: Mr Johann Leupolt, pastor of Redwitz

127. Johannes Pölmann
~ 02.11.1612
Father: Hanns Pölmann, blacksmith
Mother: Margareta
Godfather: Hanns Röder, Pfeifermüller

128th Walburga carrier
~ 11/20/1612
Father: Pancratius Träger, stock miller at the Hammermühl
Mother: Barbara
Godfather: Walburga Friderichen Werner's late daughter

129. Christoph Reisseneckher
~ 11/24/1612
Father: Hanns Reisseneckher, butcher
Mother: Sibilla
Godfather: Christoph Baltauff from Eichelberg
from the year 1613
130. katharina margareta hiltman (illegitimate)
~ 01. 01. 1613
Mother: Elisabet, Hannsen Hiltmans well'schen Kramers, blessed widow left behind
Father: Hans Goldthaß zu Annaberg also a Porten Kramer
Godfather: Margareta, Hans Röder's Pfeifermüller's daughter; Katharina, Erhard Pöhlman's housewife; Anna, Jochim Jacobs' housewife; Georg Fischer, Mayor; Hans Pölman, blacksmith

131st George Vitius Laurentius
~ 21. 02. 1613
Father: Hans Mareißfelder, a soldier from Schleisingen
Mother: Margareta
Godfather: Georg Menzel, hatter at Schirnding; Veit Keck, bricklayer at Hohenberg; Lorenz Motel von Garmersreuth

132. Anna Singer
~ 24. 02. 1613
Father: Adam Singer
Mother: Anna
Godfather: Elisabeth, Merttin Rölßen Housewife

132a. Margaret Adler
~ 20. 04. 1613
Father: Georg Adler, charcoal burner in the Selberwald
Mother: Ursula
Godfather: Margaret, Nicolaus Fuhrmann's housewife

133. George Toll
~ 18. 05. 1613
Father: Georg Toll, Reuter (rider)
Mother: Anna Maria
Godfather: Georg Fischer, Arzberg Forester

134th Amaliea Griener
~ 21. 05. 1613
Father: Georg Griener
Mother: Margareta
Godfather: Margareta, Gilgen Praun's housewife on the Eichelberg

135th Leonhart Lochner
~ 14. 05. 1613
Father: Hanns Lochner
Mother: Katharina
Godfather: Leonhart Pauernfeindt zu Garmersreuth

136. john zeidelhack
~ 01. 08. 1613
Father: Georg Zeidelhack
Mother: Margaretta
Godfather: Hans Griener, Mayor

137. endpress Mayer
~ 08. 08. 1613
Father: Matteß Mayer
Mother: Margaretta
Godfather: Endress servant

138. Johannes Laurich
~ 01. 09. 1613
Father: Georg Laurich
Mother: Kattrina
Godfather: Hanns Mülner

139. barbara schweser
~ 28. 09. 1613
Father: Paul Schweser
Mother: Juliana
Godfather: Barbara, Hans Röders, Pfeidermüllers housewife

140. Georgius Jäcel
~ 16. 10. 1613
Father: Lorenz Jäcel
Mother: Margaretta
Godfather: Georg Toll, a groom

141 Egidius Örtl
~ 01. 11. 1613
Father: Paulus Örtl, blacksmith
Mother: Anna
Godfather: Egidius Pöpel

142. Margareta Jan
~ 21. 12. 1613
Father: Ludwig Jan
Mother: Eva
Godfather: Margareta, Lorenz Tribenbath's housewife

143. Anna Rölß
~ 27. 12. 1613
Father: Merttin Rölß, the elder or fisherman
Mother: Elisabet
Godfather: Anna, Adam Singer's housewife
from the year 1614