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T he Church Books Brandenburg, which are not to be found in the regional parishioners, are located, among others, in the Domarchiv Brandenburg. A further point of contact for the ancestor-researchers is the evangelical church books in the Protestant church archives in Berlin The Catholic church books lie in the respective communities.


Domstiftsarchiv, Burghof 11, 14776 Brandenburg/Havel
Evangelische Landeskirche Archiv, Bethaniendamm 29, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

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12. July 2017
Birth list Sorau Genealogy

List of births from Sorau from 1825

The birth list Sorau from 1825 from Church News
12. July 2017

Wedding list Sorau from 1825

The wedding list Sorau from 1825 from Church News
12. July 2017
Death list from Sorau

Death List from Sorau from 1825

The death list Sorau from 1825 from Church News

Church Books in Ancestry

Church Books Brandenburg 1700-1874

You can find the duplicates of the church books Brandenburg from 1700-1874 onAncestry(with costs). They include the records of births, marriages, deaths, confirmations and communicators.

Church Books Heegermühle 1664-1824

The originals of the Protestant church books are located in the district archives Barnim. At present the baptisms 1730-1800 and the dead 1731-1800 are accessible via the Internet.

Church Books of Mark Brandenburg; First division

They include the church books of the Neumark, the districts of Oststernberg, Weststernberg, Züllichau-Schwiebus and Krossen.

Church Books of Mark Brandenburg; Second section, first issue

Before 1874 received church books of the church communities in the district general superintendentur Berlin and in the circles Lebus and city Frankfurt on the Oder.

Church books at Archion

Also the church library portalArchion(Paid) participates in the digitization of the books. The following books are available on the net:

  • Berlin-Altlutheraner
  • Berlin-Charlottenburg
  • Berlin-Friedrichshain
  • Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Berlin-Neukölln
  • Berlin-Oberspree
  • Berlin-Reinickendorf
  • Berlin-Schöneberg
  • Berlin-Spandau
  • Berlin-Stadt I
  • Berlin-Stadt III
  • Berlin-Stieglitz
  • Berlin-Tempelhof
  • Berlin-Tiergarten-Friedrichswerder
  • Berlin-Wedding
  • Berlin-Weissensee

  • Berlin-Wilmersdorf
  • Berlin-Zehlendorf
  • Potsdam
  • Teltow
  • District Crossen (Oder) - Crossen an the Oder
  • Circle Königsberg/Neumark - Altenkirchen, Grüneberg-Dürrenselchow, Niederkraenig, Niedersaathen, Rehdorf Parish Hanseberg, Wrechow, Wrechow - Altenkirchen - Zachow, Zachow
  • District Sorau (Niederlausitz) - Bernau, Sorau
  • District Züllichau-Schwiebus - Trebschen
  • online Genealogy

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    Birth, death and death list from 01.09.1825 - Sorau