1824 – Interest from Görlitz and surroundings

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      Source: Upper Lusatia Fama

      No. 18 dated 06.05.1824

      At Marklissa fell on April 21, the thieving Fleischhauer master Pohl five-year-old son Carl August , in the Queis and was pulled lifeless, after the rescue attempts arranged by the Doctor Drescher in Marklissa but brought back to life.

      On the 23rd of April, at 4 o’clock in the morning, the food of the cottager Ehrenfried Schneider to Oberholtendorf, Görlitzer Kreis, was destroyed by the fire

      In Görlitz, on the 30th of April, early in the second hour, a fire broke out in the house of the master cloth-maker Prince in front of the Nicolaotjpre aif Neugasse, which consumed not only this, but also the home of the cloth-maker master Löschke . The cause of the cause was not to be determined

      In Strasberg, Laub. Kr. On April 15, the dweller resident Johann Gottlieb Schmidt , 42 years old, was in his bedroom and was cut loose by the local court seer Seibt , but could not be brought back to life. He was a drunk man and games devoted man.

      No. 19 dated 13.05.1824

      Strange illness
      The 24-year-old daughter of the cottager Gottlob Exner in the village of Stöckigt-Liebthal in Silesia, Löwenberg district, has been suffering from a strange somnolence for 7 months. Sleep usually lasts for 4 to 6 days and is only interrupted by the awakening for a short time. Sometimes the state of waking is so short that, before it is possible to give it the proper food, it sinks back into sleep. From what happens to her during sleep, she has no memory at all. Once, sleep lasted 11 days. During this condition, there is no change in her body, other than to notice a sometimes convulsive twitching. She is under skilful medical treatment, which, however, has not yet brought any visible success

      The married Johanne Friedericke Meiwaldt in Hoierswerda and the married Hanna Buschke in Schwarzcolm has received the approval as a midwife after previous well-attended examination

      No. 20 dated 20.05.1824

      The former landowner Mr. Walter zu Engelsdorf in Bohemia, became a Protestant school teacher in Ostrichen, Görlitz circle.

      To the warning
      The householder Johann Gottlieb Hainke from Lautseiffen in Silesia, Löwenberschen district, is convicted of nocturnal and recurrent arson as a punishment of distemper and laborious fortress work, and this sentence of Sr. Königl. Your Majesty by the Most Highly Cabinetsordre dd Berlin the 25th of February c. been confirmed. The stumbling block was executed on May 8 in the morning, on the market in Jauer on the Hainke according to regulations and he was immediately taken to his fortress-Strafort.

      Public thanks
      On the stormy night from the 11th to the 12th of February de. J. on the way between Lodenau and Moes, probably died at a Schlagflusse, far and wide well-known old, honest and brave Rothenburger postman Gottlieb Koz from Moes, is on the place, where he had to end his life, a stone monument with appropriate inscription erected the same, provided it with a fence, put poplars around, and covered the dodgy costs with meager contributions. To all those in the local area as well as especially to the foreigners, who liked to contribute to this, the undersigned gave the most sincere and heartfelt thanks in this way and at the same time the efforts of the local Mr. Gersd’arm Hamps , who spontaneously underwent the collection of foreign contributions, just as grateful acknowledged
      Rothenburg, 16 May 1824 The Cantor Schmidt


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        No. 21 of 26.05.1824

        The Chief Inspector of Bonin to Hoierswerda has been appointed to the Government Calculator in Frankfurt ad Oder and transferred to the Chief Customs Inspector in Hoierswerda to Mr. Ober-Zoll-Inspector Schleußner from Neudstadt in Silesia.

        The merchant and Salzfactor Mr. Bishop , who died in Lauban, bequeathed the 10th Reichsthaler orphanage in his left will.

        Finally, it is recommended to make monuments and recumbent tombstones of good permanent sandstone, as well as lying panels of Upper Silesian marble to 3 cubits in size, well and finely polished. In particular, I am busy making accurate and modern work, as well as chopping good, regular, and deep writing, and making the gilding of such works the best and most durable. Anyone who trusts me by such an order, I will make an effort to operate with matter
        Carl Ad. Reichel in Niesky

        A complete stock of all sorts of new plum and feather feathers keeps up and recommends itself at any time at the cheapest prices
        Mrs. Schirach in the Perersgasse to Görlitz

        No. 22 from 03.06.1824

        The interim school teacher Mr. Loose zu Seidenberg has been confirmed as cantor, organist and second school teacher at the school.

        On May 19th died in Gröditz near Weissenberg in the Saxon Upper Lusatia, Mr. Johann Christian Abraham Kruger , Pastor senior there, in his 75th year of life

        In Görlitz died on May 26, the district surgeon Görlitz circle Mr. Johann Gottlob Ferdinand Pusch , in his 36th year of life

        On May 4, the gardener core from Hennersdorf, Görl. Circle through the farmer Posselt and his sons there saved from the river Neisse.

        At Tauchritz, Görlitzer Kreis, the Grosschäfer Hansch rescued the 3-year-old child of the cottage owner Weisbach on May 22, which had fallen into the village stream and had already been washed away in it for some 30 steps.

        On May 30, the Ausgedingehäusler Johann Gottlieb Klein from Tormersdorf near Rothenburg, 72 years old, was found hanged in the bush near Tormersdorf. All resuscitation attempts were in vain. Melancholic is given as the cause of this self-deprivation.

        On the 1st of June the farmstead of the gardener Elias Gotthlich was cremated to Moys, Gorlitzer Kreis, by a conflagration of unknown origin.


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          No. 22 from 03.06.1824

          Good rolled, black sheet iron in 3 1/2 ibs Sheets 9 pounds, 26 inches high and 20 inches wide, is sold to me, both in singles and in centners, the pound at 2 1/2 ggr. Also I am always provided with a significant stock Breslauer and other iron, so that every buyer at cheap prices should also find a sufficient selection in varieties of iron.
          Christian Gottlieb Schinck , iron dealer , Nicolai-Gasse No. 283

          No. 23 from 10.06.1824

          Frau von Herzberg, born of Metzradt , who had been delivered to Budissin, in her leave of will left to Armuth in the village of Jahmem, Rothenburg circle, a legacy of 100 Reichsthalers.

          On May 26, died in Peterswalde in Silesia Mr. Christian Friedrich , Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode, Knights of the black and red Eagle Order of Comitten Johannitten, Comrade of Halberstadt and Provost to Waldeck.

          In Herrnbut died on June 2, the royal. sächs. Amtshauptmann Mr. Carl Heinrich Ludwig von Heinitz on Weicha

          On 3 June died in Görlitz in the 51st years of his life, the royal. Prussian. Justizrath and Criminal Judge Mr. Carl Heinrich Anton Eichholz

          On the 4th of June Mr. Gottlob Friedrich Sigismund von Britzke died in Oberholtendorf near Görlitz. Prussian. Captain of the army, on Oberholtendorf

          On the 31st of May, on the road leading from Kunzendorf to Sorau, a few hundred yards behind the village, the son of the weaver and cottager Gottfried Lindner from Kunzendorf was found unconscious. He had been forcibly maltreated and injured by villains, and had to end his 20-year life on the same day as a result of these external acts of violence. The criminals have been discovered and taken to the criminal investigation.

          On June 3, the daughter of the Büdner Matzke , called Wichor, was in Grasp, Rothenb. Circles, named Rosina , 18 years, 9 months old, at a pond, fell into the same with the lifted grass burden and drowned. All applied rescue attempts were fruitless.

          On June 3, fire came to Carlsdorf near Gruna, G. Kreis in the apartment of the cottager Gottfried Kriebel , whereby the roof of the same was cremated. The efforts of the delinquents succeeded in preserving the remainder of the house.

          Gärtner Mühle zu Meuschwitz, Görlitzer Kreis, has drowned in a pool on the floor.

          The 2nd of July will be held in Tzschelln a number-target shooting. For the premium for the main prize, half a dozen coffe spoons are administered to Silberwerth 4 Tahler. The beginning of the shooting itself takes place at noon 1 o’clock
          Tzschelln, June 5, 1824 Bär , Vorwerk lander

          No. 24 from 17.06.1824

          The Lieutenant Daniel von Buchs on Oberwiesenthal, Löwenberger circle, was on 1. d. At the month of Wool Mass in Breslau, and having sold his wool, he went with some friendly officers to one of the gardens in front of the gate, and was also very happy. He did not return to his quarters the same evening, and all his search for him was in vain. It was not until five o’clock the next morning that he was found lying dead in another garden, and all attempts of revival were unsuccessful. He probably went out heated and died apoplectic.

          In Görlitz on 10 June, the Hausknecht at the Golden Sun Hotel, Johann Christoph Siller from Berna, 33 years old, was beaten by a horse so that he died of the consequences of this blow on the 12th. The unfortunate leaves behind a pregnant woman and 2 still very naughty children.

          No. 25 from 23.06.1824

          His Majesty the King has the master postmaster of Nagler the predicate: Excellency to settle.

          The candidate of the theology Mr. Donat became pastor substitute to Deutschossig, Görlitzer circle

          The seminarian Mr. Lehmann has been appointed school adjutant in Schönbrunn, Laubanschen Kreises.

          On the 10th of de Monthly burned the apartment of Häusler Gottlieb shepherd to Upper-Sohre, Görlitzer circle from unknown causes.

          I am hereby told by multilateral relations that no one who is in touch with me, with my estates, or with my house at all, may be given anything, be it in goods, or otherwise in my name and account, if he does not either handing over an order form signed by myself or paying on collection. Unpleasant experiences have determined this for me, and have made the explanation necessary that no one who wishes to disregard them may count on subsequent payment of my pages.
          Görlitz, June 21, 1824 Wolf from Gersdorf


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            No. 26 from 01.07.1824

            The seminarian, Mr. Arnold , became a school-teacher in Thiemendorf, Laubanschen Krieses

            On June 15, died in the pin Joachimstein in Radmeritz den Miss Charlotte von Salza , from the house Wingendorf, in the 67th year

            The king died on March 26 at Marklissa. Prussian. Commerzienrath Mr. Johann Christian Lindner , in the high old of 82 years.

            On 21 June, the residential and farm buildings of the gardener Gottfried Schwarze burned down to Grossbiesnitz, Görlitzer Kreis, completely.

            The Müller-apprentice Jacob Hartmann, born in Klingewalde, to Ludwigsdorf, Görlitzer Kreis, was sent into the hay by his master on the meadow on June 21st and since he did not return in the evening he searched, but found nothing more than his clothes on the banks of the Neisse. The suspicion that he drowned in the bath, has also been confirmed, because his on corpse was found on 25th to Oberzodel in the Neisse and pulled out.

            On June 25, one found to Friedersdorf, Görlitzer Kreis, the dignitary resident Gottfried Lange at the windmill of farmer Berndt . He’s probably been killed by the windmill wing. The casualty leaves a widow and 4 children in miserable circumstances.

            Prompted by several respectable persons and to help the suffering humanity, the undersigned are obliged to bring it to the general knowledge: that the George Becker from Diehsa, who until his 21st year, although completely healthy, after a severe cold in 1823 but completely paralyzed and declared by the official-surgeon Diehsa for icurabel, at the beginning of September of last year, afflicted with the most violent goutischen pains, the mineral spring, the Herrmannsbad visited Muskau and after the use of twelve baths, where he returned to He returned to his home, not only daily increasing improvement, but first the use of the arms and against Martini also the feet again received, so that he could walk around the stick and finally at the end of January 1824 again felt strong enough, all Doing domestic work and especially threshing.
            Diehsa in the Rothenburg district, Liegnitz district, 21 June 1824 – Klauser, W. Inspector, I hle , Chirurgus, Johann Chöne , Richter, Gottlieb Himpel, community elder

            Signed is recommended for the sale of various fragrant soap, several kinds of fragrant water, Broderie and Eau de Loungne – Philipp Sallmann in Muskau in No. 10 wohhaft

            The undersigned is honored to announce that he has opened his new inn to the city of Berlin, which is situated on the local market, and offers his approval. He will make it a duty to receive through prompt and real service the satisfaction of these gentlemen travelers.
            Muskau, the 20th of June 1824 Friedrich Reich

            No. 27 from 08.07.1824

            An unemployed steward who has been able to show good testimonials and who is not devoted to drinking, and who also possesses a wealth of economic knowledge, that he can be used for the reorganization of property and other business, can immediately find a job. Further information can be given orally or on a franked request from the pharmacist Schür in Reichenbach near Görlitz

            From the book “Morning hours devoted to the devotional service” a few more copies can be obtained from the undersigned author.
            Görlitz, on 6 July 1824 M. Sintenis , Suddiaconus

            Books Auctions display
            On Monday, the 26th of this month, and the following days, from 9 to 12 o’clock, and from 2 o’clock to 5 o’clock in the morning, a collection of books of various contents, e.g. , Theol., Philol., Econom., Chym., Alchemist, surgeon, medicin., For various artists reading-books and other more, from the Näther inheritance in my Brauhofe sub. 95 will be publicly auctioned off against immediate payment. Cataloge zur Duchsicht are with me, one flight up from the 11th d. to have on.
            Görlitz, on July 6, 1824 Henriette Haupt

            No. 28 from 15.07.1824

            The resident of Gottfried Richter , who had been missing since June 30, was sent to Deuschossig, Gölitzschen Kreis, on the 3rd d. Month in a bush the same dead found on the earth. He had hanged himself and must have fallen down when his scarf had been torn to pieces.


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              No. 29 dated 22.07.1824

              Pastor Zürn , who was a member of the Protestant church at Naumburg am Queis, became a pastor at the Protestant church in Gebhardsdorf near Lauban

              In Niederrengersdorf near Görlitz, on July 4, the schoolmaster Mr. Johann Christian Nitschke , who died in the 72nd year, died of old age

              On July 5, Hauberzer Bräuer from Wanscha crashed in a quarry near Ostritz, breaking in on the breaking of the stone with an overhanging lump of stone which he wanted to work loose, and was so damaged by the rolling stones that after half an hour, notwithstanding medical assistance, various

              At a storm on July 10 at 5 o’clock on Sohland on the Spree pulled thunder storm, the gardener Johann Christian Zosel and his wife Anne Dorothee born. Paul , while the former stood in his living room at the table and the latter sat and worked behind the wicker chair, hit by a flash of lightning and immediately killed. The thunderbolt came in through the window and shattered it, but ignited it.

              On July 18, Hosptalitin, who was about 72 years old, was born in Görlitz in the same hospital at St. Jacob, widowed Christiane Berger. Fiebiger , found drowned in the river Neisse.

              <u> Bathing and strangers list of Hermanns bath to Muskau with arrival date </ u>
              1. Mrs. Pastor Kirchner from Sorau – May 10th
              2. Mr. Schementz, Particulate from Leipzig – June 7th
              3. Mr. Premier-Lieutenant v. Maltitz from Pförten – June 11th
              4. Ms. Geissler from Burg – 22 June
              5. Mr. Bernhardt, landowner on Strahlow – June 22
              6. Mr. Pietzker, bailiff from Sorau – June 22nd
              7. Herr Kaufmann Lutze from Cottbus, with family – 27th June
              8. Mr. Ober-Medicinal-Rath Dietrich from Liegnitz – 27th June
              9. Mr. Doctor Wolf from Carolath – June 27th
              10. Mr. Landrath v. Dertzen from Horno, with family – 27th June
              11. Mr. Hauptmann v. Favrat from Sorau – 27th June
              12. Mr. Doctor Treu from Königshayn – June 27th
              13. Herr Oberamtmann Kläbisch from Girdigsdorf – 27 June
              14. Mr. Kaufmann Vetter from Cottbus – June 27th
              15. Mr. v. Reibnitz, manor owner on Zilmsdorf, with son – 27 June
              16. Herr Körber, senior official from Rothenburg, with son – 27 June
              17. Captain V Zielberg from Cottbus, with family – 27th June
              18th Lieutenant Hoffmann from Cottbus – 27 June
              19. Mr. Stool from Sagan – June 27th
              20. Mr. Major v. Rethenburg from Frankfurt – June 27th
              21. Mr. Barfuss, merchant from Frankfurt – June 27th
              22. Mr. Hauptmann v. Vigny from Berlin – June 29th
              23. Mrs. Steuer-Einnhemer Richter aaus Priebus – June 29th
              24. Mr. Lieutenant v. Rabenau from Zibelle – June 29th
              25. Lord Prince v. Carolath-Schönaich – June 29th
              26. Ms. Fürstin v. Carolath-Schönaich – June 29th
              27. Misses v. Falkenhausen from Carolath – June 29th
              28. Mr. Scheide, Director from Cottbus, with family – 1 July
              29. Mr. Herrmann, Oberamtskanzler from Budissin – 2 July
              30. Mr. Baumeister, Oberamt-Regierungs-Rath from Dudissin – 2 July
              31. Major v. Werner from Frankfurt, with son – 4th of July
              32. Mr. Zobel, landowner on Sedow, with wife – 4 July
              33. Mr. v. Seckendorff, Government Vice President from Frankfurt, with family – 5 July
              34. Mr Naumann, Siefensieder from Görlitz – 5 July
              35. Mrs. Neumann from Sorau – 7th July
              36. Mr Donath, merchant from Weißhennersdorf – 7th July
              37. Mr. Brückner, merchant from Cottbus – July 7th
              38. Mr V. Burg from Budissin – 7 July
              39. Mr. Borott, preacher from Zittau – July 8th
              40. Mr Polenz, Hammerfactor from Creba – 8 July
              41. Mr. Friedrich, servant from Leipzig – 8 July
              42. Mr. Lieutenant v. Blücher from Beuthen – 10th of July
              43. Mr. Geisler, Senator from Görlitz – July 10th
              44. Mr Geisler, Advocat from Görlitz – 10 July
              45. Mr. Michael Schmidt, merchant from Görlitz – 10th July
              46. ​​Mr. Jeschke, merchant from Pförten – 10th July
              47. Mr. Heudsche, construction inspector from Pförten – 10th of July
              48. Mr. v. Meyer, manor owner on Schnellförtel – 10th of July
              49. Mr. Lieutenant v. Bülow from Guben – 10th of July
              50. Mr. Lieutenant v. Treskow from Guben – 10th of July
              51. Flor from Cottbus and son – 10th of July
              52. Mr. Neumann from Cottbus – 10th of July
              53. Mr Wieland from Cottbus – 10 July
              54. Mr. Werner, Tabagist from Cottbus – 10th July
              55. Mr. Koch, lumberyard manager from Cottbus – 10th of July
              56. Pastor Jänicke from Sacrow – 10th July
              57. Mr. Chamberlain v. Götz from Lietschen, with family – 11th of July
              58. Mrs. v. Mushwitz from Lohsa – July 11th
              59. Mr. v. Hofmann from Sagan, with family – 11th of July
              60. Mr. Amtsrath Groling from Pförten – 11 July
              61. Demoiselle Gretschel from Sorau – July 11th
              62. Mr. Inspector Wollkopf from Lieberose – July 11th
              63. Mr. Krüger, Syndicus from Cottbus, with family – 11 July
              64. Mr. Richter, city musician from Spremberg – July 13th
              65. Mr Miersch, forest forester – 13 July
              66. Mr. Fiedler, merchant from Neusalz – July 13th
              67. Mr Dettel, merchant from Görlitz – 13 July
              68. Mr. Steuer-Controlleur v. Jesnitz from Görlitz – July 13th
              69. Mr. Frank, pharmacist from Bebersberg – July 13th
              70. Mr Schulz, pharmacist from Gassen – 13 July
              71. Mr. Modler, soap boiler from Hirschberg – July 13th
              72. Mr. Gebling, tobacco manufacturer from Cottbus – July 14th
              73. Mr. Obrist v. Close from Crossen – 14th of July
              74. Mr. Neumann, landowner from Dittersbach – July 14th
              75. Mr. Melkelm, senior teacher from Liegnitz – 14th July
              76. Mr. Brückner, merchant from Cottbus – 15 July
              77. Mr Friedenreich, Pastor Primarius from Lieberose – 15 July
              78. Mr Kniepf, Nadler from Cottbus – 16 July
              79. Mr Helwig, Police District Commissarius from Gräfenhayn – 16 July
              80. Mr. Koch from Niesky – 16 July

              The provided with good residential and public buildings farm sub # 34 to Troitschendorf in Görlitz, including a hoof good country belongs, should be sold with all existing inventory items immediately from the hands. Those who are interested in shopping will find out more about the landlord Johann Gottlob Berndt in Niederhalbendorf near Schoenberg

              On a large lively parish-ground, through which a large post and commercial road leads, between Bautzen and Loebau, is a house in good condition for sale, in which except the junk, bake and Schank justice, also a few bushels of field and Meadow are located. The conditions are cheap and advantageous and Mr. Benjamin Kade in Görlitz, Neißgasse No. 352, to learn the details.

              A Captal of 800 Thalers Schs. Conventionsgeld lies to Michael d. J. against adequate pupillary insurance to borrow ready. Further information is available on postage-free inquiries – Wilhelm Schmidt in Muskau

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