40 photos of the former Protestant Cemetery in Schichagora /Ziegenkrug (Cicha

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      Here is a link to 40 photos and map of the former Protestant Cemetery in Schichagora or goat Krug (Cicha Góra) in the Kreis Neutomischel. The recordings were made in the 17th century. August 2015. The cemetery is not easy to find, it is located on a hill next to a house opposite a hop field. Otherwise, he is surrounded by farmland. Facing the street, a large metal cross was erected according to the Board by the town of Nowy Tomysl in September 2011. On the table is a Bible verse in Polish language probably: ‘ Blogoslawieni sa odtad umarli ktorzy w Panu umieraja (obj. 14, 13)’ readable inscriptions were unfortunately not to be found. The wood fence – if available – was in a dilapidated state. We found a shard of black, was to read a fragment of a tombstone on the ‘1883’. Of course, we left the fragment site.

      http: / /www. dilibra. com /genealogy /1922

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