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      Thank you, that I may be here again. I was here once registered a long time ago.

      As a typical child of the Ruhr area were my ancestors from different directions. A focal point is the family SIEBECK, which shoes village in Thuringia to Hettstedt in Saxony-Anhalt and later my great-great grandfather Gottfried Julius August went to Lutherstadt Eisleben, until then to 1855 in the Ruhr area first to Unna and from there came to Dortmund.

      Another focus is the family Gersmann, which comes from Manchengut in the District of Osterode. My great-grandfather Friedrich Gersmann married the mine Zawatzki, who came from Borchers village in the circles of Nidzica in 1903 in Herne, Germany. I not really getting nowhere with their ancestors. Martin Zawatzki was born in 1800, where me is not known. He was married to Sophia Zander in 1849 in Brodau. It also nothing is further known.

      Best wishes Gertrude

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