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      Source: Amtsgerich Leipzig – probate
      public invitation
      501 VI 4562 /09on 03 11th, 2009 died Christel Charlotte Lenkeit, born 23 12 1920 in Insterburg, last residing at the small box of 24, 04205 Leipzig.
      Legal co-heir is the father of Testatrice Fritz Lenkeit, born 13 02, 1889 in Warkallen, lost since 1944 in consideration or should he have left no further descendants come the cousin Kurt Lenkeit, born missing 11 06 1918 in cold corners, and the second cousin of Frank Harry Lenkeit, born 12 05, 1944 in Kuckerneese, missing since 1945 as co-heirs in consideration. . Continue to come as co-heirs with considering the brothers and sisters of the mother of Auguste Mathilde Lenkeit born Krupke, born 29 04, 1889 in Kallweniken, hidden. 03 30, 1978, Testatrice Franz Feuersenger, born in 1881 and Martha Krupke.
      In place of the deceased heir whose descendants appear. The eligible legal heirs want to log more accurate presentation of the kinship relationship within 6 weeks from the publication in the Probate Court of Leipzig, otherwise shall be granted a certificate of inheritance without performing their inheritance rights.
      The pure discount will be 47 000 EUR.

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