FN Stötzner born. Franke Leipzig

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      Source: District Court Leipzig

      Public call

      503 VI 1821/04

      On 07.02.2004 Liselotte Margarete Stötzner, geb. Franke , b. on 05.05.1916 in Leipzig, last living in Leipzig. As legal heirs come the descendants of Friedrich Wilhelm Barthold and Bertha Clara Barthold, b. Müller (testator grandparents on the maternal side) Paul Hugo Barthold , b. 23.04.1889 in Hohenmölsen and Marie Barthold , geb. 28.07.1890 in height oils of 1/6 each. In the place of a deceased heir occur its descendants.

      The legal heirs in question want to be able to explain the kinship relationship in detail
      6 weeks after publication report to the probate court Leipzig, otherwise Erbschein is issued without performance of their inheritance rights.

      The net reduction should amount to about 39,000.00 EUR.

      Leipzig, 27.03.2006

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