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    Warth Gustav , b. 5. 3. 1891 to Königsberg-Pr., Zul. Resident Königsberg, Holländerbaum 8/4, now Bollhaus, Bredstedt-Ld., Is looking for witnesses who can confirm that he is from June 1941-January 45 at the DAF in Königsberg as Office Assistant.

    Weber Egon , b. 4. 5. 30, Ostpr. End of March Transport Stolp-Graudenz. When leaving the car at a train station was shot at him. Message from Erb Weber Wagenhoff u. Gifhorn (20b)

    Wenk Joh ., Official Wwe., Born. 24. 11. 84, Königsberg., Oberhaberberg 2. The only news from Nov. 1946 BC Königsberg, Mühlhausener Str. 9. Who was with my mother? Message Erb. Elsa Lingnau geb. Wenk , Kr.-Wwe., Now: Grünendeich 2, Post Steinkirchen

    Wenker Ruth born. Böttcher , b. 18. 12. 25, zul. Resident Königsberg-Pr., Schindekopstr. 14. According to relatives, she is said to have been in Konigsberg in 1947. I returned from russian captivity on 10. 4. 50. Bulletin Helmut Wenker , (20a) Bienenbüttel, Kr. Uelzen, Schwarzer Weg 101

    Wettke Arnold , b. 17. 7. 24 in Olsztyn. Last fieldpost no. 02292 E. Last message of the 11. 1. 45. Message from the publisher Johanna Freundt , Wedel / Holstein, Lindenstraße 58

    Wiezinowski Wilhelm , b. 12. 3. 84 in Theuernitz, circle Osterode, Oberlokführer of the Reichsbahn, resident gew. Allenstein, Mr.-Goering-Str. 9 former Hohenzollernd. 9). On 19. 1. 45 he is said to have recently started a business trip to Hohenstein. Edited by Edith Godlowsky , (24) Lüneburg, Dammstr. 11

    Wierutsch Siegfried , sergeant, b. 19. 5. 1919 from Landsberg-Ostpr., Was wounded at the beginning of March with Zinten, was still in Heiligenbeil in the military hospital and then came to Rosenberg-Haff. Message requests Mrs. Emma Wierutsch , Arnhem-Hannover

    Heilberger! Wischnewski, dr. Josef, headmaster, abducted on 7 February 1945 from Heilsberg by Russians. Who knows anything about the whereabouts or death of my husband? Message from the Board of Trustees Gertrud Wischnewski, Herne, Vinckestraße 16

    Willamowski, Adolf , teacher in Kämmersdorf, circle Osterode, Volkssturm Osterode, last seen at Pr.-Holland. Bulletin Julius Philipp , (24b) Todendorf a. Fehmarn

    Russia returnees! Willers Horst , Lieutenant, (Treuburg-East Prussia), Field no. 04679, Cycling Sich. Reg. 2. Leader of an Aufkl.-Schwadr. On 25. 6. 1944 north Tolochin, used between Orsha and Borrisow, since then missing. Address requested Charlotte Koch , Brunswick, Jasper Allee lc, formerly Königsberg

    Königsberg (Pr.) Copernicus Bunker! Who can give information about the fate of the inmates during the Russian invasion on April 9, 1945? Who knows anything about the whereabouts of my son Rudolf Winkler? at that time 15 1/2 years old. He was housed there as a wounded Volksstürmer. Bulletin Aug. Albert Winkler , formerly Königsberg (the well-known Winkler parlors) now Bochum-Laer, Wittenerstraße 509

    Wysotzki, Mrs. Frieda , b. 18. lj 1917 in Steinberg, district Lyck Ostpr., And daughter Lieselotte , geb. 10. 8. 39, last sat. a. Kolchose Lindenheim, Kr. Pillkallen. Ms Wysotzki near Ciesla in Benhausen, Kr. Paderborn, Westphalia.

    Zeuner, Miss Hedwig , b. in April 1923, from Rossitten near Reichenbach-Ostpr., last in a forester’s shop in Kr. Olsztyn. Message Erb. Family Willi Jenssen , hemp at Hanfmühle about Hennef-Siegkreis, district Cologne, formerly Kronsnest b. markushof

    Konigsberg! Zimmermann Bruno , Kaufm., Born. April 1885, last lived Hindenburgstr. 61b, still in Jan. / Febr. 45 its grocery u. Meierei in the Flottwellstr. 19 led. Message Erb. Mrs. Elsa Vogt , (22a) Wuppertal – Ronsdorf. Long house 2