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    Subsequently, for information. Far away from our beloved homeland, on 14 November 1945, my dear father, father-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and great-uncle Reichsbahnamtmann i. R. Paul Goldau in his 77th year After a short marriage to the consequences of Russian captivity on February 3, 1949, he was followed by my beloved husband and son, merchant Harry Bethke, in his 47th year of age. In deep sadness: Gertrud Bethke b. Goldau
    Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Mecklenburgische Straße 26, formerly Königsberg / Pr., Mozartstraß 14

    Heinz Kerwelies , Lieutenant, b. 24. 7. 21, dropped on 19. 4. 45 in Belzig (Mark). In faithful remembrance: Mrs. Martha Kerwelies formerly Tilsit, Steinmetzstr. now Borstel / Soltau, Hann.

    After God’s hl. Will died at the age of 89 years on 7. 3. 1950, provided with the heil. Death Sacraments, my dear husband, our loyal father and grandfather farmer Emil Wedig from Münsterberg, Kr. Heilsberg / Ostpr. In unforgettable mourning: Joh. Wedig – wife children and grandchildren, z. Zt .: Adlkofen-Ndb. at Landshut

    On Monday, March 27, 1950, 2:00 pm, after long, heavy suffering, carried with serene patience, all of a sudden and very gently my dear husband, our good father, father-in-law, grandfather, son and brother farmer Oskar Busch , Captain zVa D. in the completed 66th year of life. He died away from his beloved adopted country East Prussia and far from the homeland of his fathers. In the name of all the bereaved in silent mourning: Mrs. Frida Busch born. Peter Corwingen

    After years of waiting and always hoping for a reunion, we received the painful news that our dear only son and brother Uffz. Helmuth Lenuweit died at the age of 28 years on 2. 2. 1945 in the camp (7126) in Nikolayev. Unforgotten, he rests on foreign soil. In deep mourning: Friedrich Lenuweit and wife and Fam. Artur Schmidt , formerly Tilsit, Ad.-Hitler-Str. 1, now (20a) Celle / Hannover, Fuhrbergerstraße 131

    After years of waiting and hoping for a reunion, I now received the incomprehensible news that my dear, unforgettable husband, the corporal Herbert Wegel , had to give up his young life at the last fights in Holland on 17 January 1945. In deep, silent mourning; Gertrud Wegel born Steinbeck and all relatives.
    Königsberg, Am Schloss 1, z. Zt. Südlengern, Herford Westf.

    Afterward, all relatives and our revered former customers were informed that my dear husband, our kind hearted father, the restaurant owner Hans Knuth , Kalthöfsche Straße, formerly Königsberg, on 22. 4. died in 1945 in Munich. In the name of all survivors: Mrs. Anna Knuth , now Steinsfurt about Heidelberg

    On April 3, 1950, my good life companion, our loyal, dear dad, Karl Bäuerle , a student advisor, left us after a tragic accident. In deep sadness: Erika Bäuerle geb. Bolz with Lutz, Frank and Erikale .
    Girsau, Kr. Calw, Uhlandstr. 76, formerly Wehlau / Ostpr.

    All friends u. Known later on the knowledge that on 17. 6. 1949 unexpectedly due to heartbeat, without having seen his beloved son Bruno again, our so loved father, father-in-law and brother, the barber Otto Schiemann geb. 28. 9. 1891 from Königsberg, Farenheidstr. 35, died. In faithful remembrance: Christel u. Siegfried Schiemann , z. Zt. Wüster, Rathausstr. 18, Bruno , missing in East Prussia, Ruth and Paul Noetzel, b. Schiemann ,
    Lauth b. Königsberg, settlement 41, z. Zt. Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Königsturmstr. 29

    God wanted it! In the hope of seeing him soon with his children, our dear, good father, father-in-law, grandfather, brother, brother-in-law and uncle Postbetriebswart passed away on 15. 1. 1950 after a short and severe illness in our dear home. D. Karl Konopka in Rhine, Kr. Lötzen / Ostpr. in the 70th year of life. He followed his dear, good wife Anna Konopka geb. Schmidt
    our kind, unforgettable mother and grandma, in the eternity, suffering from the suffering of the flight, allegedly died in the spring of 1945 in the hospital in Sopot near Gdansk. In quiet, deep sadness; his children Gertrud Czymmeck , Wwe., born. Konopka and children, Schwackenreute, Kr. Stockach, Baden, formerly Lower Lake, Kr. Sensburg, Frieda Grimm born. Konopka and family, Duderstadt, Steintor 4, formerly Rhine, Kr. Lötzen, Helene Konopka in Mragowo (Sensburg), Gustav Konopka and family, Ahlen, Westf., Bankenstraße 7, formerly Stralsund, Pomm., Alfred Konopka and family, Neumünster, Holst., Wasbecker-str. 158, formerly Rhine, Kr. Lötzen.
    Neumünster, in March 1950

    All our friends and acquaintances subsequently aware that my dear son and good brother Ewald Buchholz (Obfw.) On March 21, 1945 at the age of 27 years in Karlovy Vary in the military hospital died of his wounding. My dear husband and good father Samuel Buchholz passed away on August 26, 1945 at the age of almost 72 years in Ober-Zschocken, Kr. Zwickau. In silent mourning: Mrs. Wilhelmine Buchholz and children Arnold Buchholz, Elly Buchholz, Willi Buchholz former dolls, Kr. Orteisburg now Gemmerich 82 Kr. St. Goarshausen

    After a painful uncertainty I received the sad news that my beloved husband and faithful companion, our good, unforgettable father, brother-in-law, father-in-law, grandfather and uncle, the photographer Paul Bast . 21. 1. 83 in Königsberg-Ostpr., Deported by the Russians on 17. 3. 45, died of debility and heart failure in May 45 in the hospital of the camp Gorki (Ural). His worried, busy life has come to a bitter conclusion. In deep pain: Erika Bast b. Gliemann and children: Ingeborg Rühlmann geb. Bast , Gerda Rhode born. Bast, Günther Bast, Erna Bast b. Andreas, Heinz Rühlmann, Willy Rohd e and 8 grandchildren

    According to God’s unfathomable decision, he died too soon and far from his beloved East Priest. Homeland after a short, heavy, patience-borne illness in the 65th year of my life on March 30, 1950 at 12.15 pm my dear wife, our kind mother and mother. Mother-in-law, our dear grandmother Mrs. Anna Schaefer geb. Strukat Our dear dormant will always be remembered. In deep sadness: Albert Schaefer , Fam. Heinz Schaefer, Siegfried Schaefer, Fam. Bruno Riechert
    Unterthingau / Allgäu and Dieburg / Hesse, March 30, 1950, formerly Kreuzingen / Elchnied., Wehlau / Ostpr. and Königsberg / Pr.

    On March 7, 1950, God took my beloved wife, our kind mother, Kate Dost. Borries at age 45 after a short illness to eternity. Wilh. Dost , teacher, Klaus, Gundula, Gisela, Heidemarie, Jörg, Beate,
    formerly: Lyck, Ostpr., Yorkstr. 9, now: (14b) Schwenningen a. N., Garden School