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9. January 2018
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14. January 2018

Pag. 93. David Vechner. His birth year is 1594. His mother Anna died here in 1642, 71 years old. His rectorate resigned on the 14th of December. 1665. He was 19 years Diaconus, almost 7 years Primurius and 32 years Rector. How much he had stood in verse, proves that 1354 persons formed his grave church. His life circumstances are fully appended to the funeral sermon delivered by the Archidiaconus Meirich on Psalm 68 verse 20.

Approaching Vechner’s family, it may be noted that in 1622 he married Rebecca, Johann Höker’s, mercator in Glogau’s daughter, who died in 1643, June 28, at the age of 37. His second wife, Nov. 24, 1645, was Catherine. Kosch joke. Michael Ender’s on Leopoldhain Wittwe, who died in 1662, January 6, old 51 years. His third wife, 1663, June 18, was Regina of school fellow Paul Gebhard’s widow, who died in 1683, aged 76, and with whom he had no children. Of his sons, Theophilus was a schoolmate, Abraham Prorector all here. A daughter of the second marriage, born in 1647, married the Fr Michael Meißner in Leopoldshain. Jancke lists 10 children from the first and second marriage. (Excerpts from New Lausitz Magazine: with the participation of the Upper Lusatian Society of Sciences, Volumes 41-42 of 1864 p. 110/111)


Birth- and death lists from Leopoldshain – (source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)



No. 39 from 28.09.1825

The 18th of September, the wife of the resident Christoph Michel , a daughter Johanne Christiane , Mrs. Häusler Haftmann a daughter Marie Dorothee


No. 44 from 03.11.1825

October 15, Mrs. Bauer Heinze a son, Joh. Carl Gottlieb
October 19, Mrs. Gätner Krausche a son, Joh. Traugott




No. 39 from 28.09.1825

September 13, Mr. Andreas Zimmermann , pastor in Nochten and Tzschelln near Muskau, with Jungrau Friedericke Charlotte Pursche from Leopoldshain


No. 43 of 27.10.1825

October 3rd, Mr. Carl Gottlieb Hüttig , pastor to Leopoldshain with the Virgin Mary Charlotte Janke



No. 44 from 03.11.1825

19 October, Joh. Carl Traugott , son of Häuslers Göldner , 1 year, 11 months, 12 days
October 20, Joh. Gottlieb , son of the inhabitant Bernsdorf, 13 years, 10 months


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