Birth list from Kodersdorf
8. January 2018
Lists from Leopoldshain
11. January 2018

May 3, Ludwigsdorf, Hr. Johann Friedrich buyer, pastor there at the age of 72 J. 3 M. and 10 T .. He was born in the year 2424 in Neuhaus near Budlin in Pomerania. born. His father was Mr. Johann Kaspar Buyer, royal. preuss. Oberförster there and Fr. Christiane geb. Lives from Labes in Pomerania, his mother, who died in 1760 at this her youngest son in Zodel leztere. First he came to the school in Stargard and from there to Szczecin, where he was only 6 jears long alumnus in the Jagdteuflischen Kollegium, after which completed his studies on that Lizeum under the famous principal Büttner.
In 173 he moved to the University of Halle and heard the most famous men of the time. In 145 he came to Dresden by recommendation of the famous rector Schöttgens as Hofmeister, and from there soon by the late Chamber Procurator Prince in Bauzen as Hofmeister in the hat of the Hauptmann von Reibold to Mükenhain and moved with this after the sale of Mükenhain to Gerlachsheim. In 1751 he received without a request all the call for a guest sermon to Zodel. He was appointed to the trial sermon and soon got the call to the pastorate of the former collator Mr. Herrmann in Niederzodel, was decreed in Dresden on the 9th of December, also held the suit sermon in Zodel on Christmas Day 1, where he stayed 16 1/2 years. He received after the death of Mr. Joachim Gottlob friend friend of the then vorsizenden Kollator Hern. Barthol Gehler, the call to the parish in Ludwigsdorf. (Excerpts from Lausizische Monatsschrift: 1796. First to Sixth Stük. First Part, Volume 1 S. 306/307)


Birth- and death lists from Nieder Zodel – (source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)



No. 38 from 22.09.1825

The 12th of September, Mrs. Häusler Kaiser, a daughter Marie Rosine



No. 38 from 22.09.1825

The 4th of September, the resident Joh. Gottlieb Laub with Anne Rosine Kliemt
The 12th of September, the bachelor and gardener Joh. Friedrich Krausche in Penzig with maiden Marie Rosine Wießner from Zentendorf
The 13th of September, the bachelor and gardener Johann Gottlieb Kahle from Kießlingswalde with maiden Anne Christine Richter from Ober-Zodel


No. 44 from 03.11.1825

The 25th of September, the cottager Joh. Gottfried Neicks in Zodel with the maiden Anne Helene Schulze there, the gardener Joh. Gottlieb Eichler in Ludwigsdorf with Anne Rosina Loitsch from Zentendorf
The 27th of September, the gardener Elias Herrmann in Zentendorf with the maiden Anne Christiane Förster from Nieder-Biela
The 24th of October, the bachelor Johann Friedrich Richter , cottager, butcher and brandy distiller in Ober-Zodel with maid Anne Kirke Michael here


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